Recently, parliamentarians appealed to the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region kvalifkollegiyu judges with the requirement to check the actions of judge Natalia Bodrova in a dispute on a site of 3.4 hectares near Krasnodar balneological (spa treatment).

Recall that in last year Bodrov ordered the municipality to sell the land to the local entrepreneur. After an appeal to the regional court KYC controversial decision was reversed.

Businessman Alexander Shakirov, who is considered close to the family of ex-governor, appealed to the Court of August 20, 2015 with a lawsuit to invalidate the refusal of the municipality to provide it in the property for a fee land area of ​​3.4 hectares, adjoining the territory of JSC "Center for Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation "Krasnodar baths."

According to real estate companies in Krasnodar, the price of one hundred square meters of land in the area balneolechebnitsy 1.5-2 million rubles!

His strange request Alexander Shakirov explained that his property is situated on a plot of non-residential premises and land it enjoys under the lease agreement with the municipality.

And then Bodrov ordered the municipality to conclude with the entrepreneur sales contract, and the solution was drawn to the immediate execution of the meager price of 35 million rubles!

The fact is that after the purchase of land Shakirov, there were reports about the project of building the high-altitude area. Also, local MPs found that the City Duma of Krasnodar adopted amendments to the land use and development (PHC), which allow residential plot development, though it is contrary to the general plan, which provides for the construction in the area of ​​objects only medical and health destination!

After that parliamentarians do the situation closely.

"Our goal - to prevent the attempts of developers to use the territory near the mineral water sources for housing. In this regard, we request the judicial community to test the validity and legality of decisions of the judges Bodrova ", - explained the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Committee on the use of natural resources Andrei Buldin.

According to preliminary data, the qualification board of judges has already taken disciplinary action. In Bodrov allegedly impose a disciplinary sanction in the form of a warning.


The region is said that "negotiate" with the judicial authority, Alexander Shakirov was able thanks to his patron Rizvangadzhi Isaev.

Note that according to resource Shakirov is the founder of "European Finance House (URF)", "Management and Consulting Center" MC "Academic" company, as well as the founder and CEO of PFC "Sograt".

And here it emerges that until 2012 the founder of PFC "Sograt" was just Rizvangadzhi Isayev, the owner of GC "Evropeya".

Mr. Isayev - a powerful man. He is a former deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation from 2007 to 2011, the "United Russia". In 2011 he became chairman of the coordinating council of "UK" Europe-Engineering ", later renamed the company" Evropeya ".

His "Evropeya" behavior is not European. So, there was a terrible scandal with illegal allocation of land for the project, "" Port-Petrovsk "German village in Karabudakhkent area that once appealed the Dagestan prosecutor's office.

But officially protest the law enforcement authority has expressed only in 2010, three years after the publication of the order of Government RD light (№77-p dated May 2, 2007).

Recall, the document with the submission of all relevant ministries and agencies (including the administration of the municipality "Karabudakhkentsky area", the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Natural Resources) has legalized the transfer of 102 hectares of agricultural land and 98 hectares of reserve land in the land of settlements (plus more reserved 294 hectares on term expansion of the "village").

But after the head of Dagestan Ramazan became Abdullatipov, Isaev has promised to restore the cultural center in the village Leninkent. For the president of the republic is a businessman awarded a medal for the love of the motherland, and closed his eyes to the protests.

But less than a year after the foundation stone in 2007, residents Karabudakhkent district held a rally against the allocation of agricultural land for the project.

Moreover, the (planned to reconstruct the existing substation and boiler and lay the construction of new ones) for "Port-Petrovsk", in turn, the country, according to the Ministry of Construction of a taxiway is ready to allocate 80 million to the creation of municipal infrastructure. Agreed, in general ...

The built up area at the same time will be increased from 52 to 100 hectares of land due to the failed disgraced mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov, who is now in jail.

Note that the President of Dagestan December 29, 2015 has appointed his brother Rizvan Isayev - Shamil Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan!


As for the new deputy chairman of Dagestan Isayev. He had a conflict with the chairman of the Union of Journalists of the Republic Ali Kamalov, who stated about the possible involvement in the murder of the deputy chief editor of the newspaper "Sogratl" Abdulmalik Akhmedilov in August 2009.

December 15, 2011 in Makhachkala there was an attempt on his nephew Ali Kamalov - Khadjimurad. Wounded journalist died on the way to the hospital. More than a thousand people participated in the funeral procession, which took place the next day in Makhachkala.

Killed Khadzhimurat Kamalov - the founder of the opposition newspaper "Draft", focuses on the corruption.

In June 2013 social activist Orkhan Jemal suggested that Isaev can be involved in the murder "Draft" of the founder of the newspaper.

Renowned journalist Maxim Shevchenko, in his article titled "The forest trail leads to the parliament," hinting that ordered the killing of two Dagestani journalists - editor in chief of the newspaper "Sogratl" Malik Akhmedilov and founder of the newspaper "Draft" Khadzhimurat Kamalov - is Shamil Isaev - brother Rizvan Isaev!

Returning to the situation in the Krasnodar region. If the judge Bodrova violations are confirmed, the case will be engaged in the security forces. This means that the police will come through Shakirov on Rizvan Isayev, which will wait for the numerous checks. Who knows, maybe, United Russia will soon be the company Mr. Amirov.