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Ex-wife ran away with Baskov from fascist Kiev children in Tel Aviv

Svetlana Spiegel had divorced and with her second husband, who was Bandera and bisexual


Tashkent oligarch Usmanov bid farewell to the hated Russian

The billionaire may lose tax resident status


Igor and Arkady Rotenberg - from racketeering and secret convictions to billions

How to go from victim to killer Russian master.


Condensate billion

Where deposited money losing company "Gazprom", and who ransomed them from Chechen security forces


Adult business Jr. Chubais

The son of the chief technologist crossed ATVs with dog teamsThe eldest son Alexei Chubais Anatoly Chubais with his partner Larisa Selezneva in 2015, helped out by organizing events for automotive manufacturers 100 million rubles.


Sergey Yanchukov from Odessa Privoz to oil tycoon and gold miner

Heavy and arhiopasna life of the Ukrainian-Russian oligarch.


Secret defense of Victor Bondyk

The controversial demarche of Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius and the accusations that he brought against then first deputy head of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Igor Kononenko, of lobbying those "overlooking" most profitable state-owned companies exposed a moth-eaten problems.


Secrets of criminal activity oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev

The most successful Russian businessman can not find refuge abroad.


Prolonged "trip" in Monaco

Which seemed finally disclosed the case of the murder of General Director of JSC "Neftekhimik" Eugene Panteleimon can be resumed.


The most intrepid of the Ministry of Finance

Head of Department Alexander Ahpolov acquired real estate for $ 5 million and established finpotoki for friends - Opposition sponsors


Under the "roof" of "Gazprom"

The gas monopoly has formed leadership "mafia" in the name of Kirill Seleznev and Raul Arashukova?


"Rubik's Cube" Rosselkhozbank

Under the "roof" Rosselkhozbank organized financial "laundry"?


Sobyanin sum "under the heading"?

Arrested head of "IBC Group" Sergei Solodovnikov worked "under the roof" the mayor of Moscow?


Hinstein Tkachev asked to talk about the business of their relatives

State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein asked the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev report of a possible conflict of interest that may be linked to his family's agricultural business


"Budarinskye" replaced “Kuschevskie”

The owner of «Kuban Credit» bank Victor Budarin is training law enforcers and judges of the Krasnodar Territory


Mazepin "under nitrogen"?

The failure of the deal on the change of ownership "Togliattiazot" was involved host "URALCHEM"?


Eugene Dwoskin, shady banker number 1

Bird, Red, Pasha helicopter, Yevgeny Giner, Alexander Babakov and everything about the world of Russian "cashing"


Oder bearer Don Luchok

The "Authority" Sergei Lalakin, nicknamed Luchok - the leader of one of the bloodiest ("Podolsk") criminal groups, which is responsible for taking hundreds of lives - in recent years has received the same amount of the highest state awards, as chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and head of the Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Apparently, in the presidential administration the lists of recipients was approved without studying their biographies and ordering "data" of applicants in the databases of law enforcement bodies. Rumafia.com officials decided to do this work and will provide the extracts of the files from the Interior Ministry about Sergei Lalakin. And at the same time, will tell about his new actions - raider property seizure, worth hundreds of millions of dollars and accompanied by loud murders.


Drink less need!

The head of GSU SK Mos Brand and his deputy Doynikov "wet" the deputy of the State Duma Antonova, escaping from criminal proceedings and dismissal


For Cartier found the criminal community

Basmanny Court on September 30 arrested the owner of the St. Petersburg boutiques Cartier and Stefano Ricci Dmitry Zarubin. Russian FSB took him to the capital, as a person from the TOP-5 world of smugglers.