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Eurasia Logistics two top managers freed by the Supreme Court of Russia

Bailed out sum reacher 50 and 40 million rubles, respectively


WHERE PROSECUTORS DWELL. Feofil Kekhiopulo has a taste for prestigious flats

Feofil Kekhiopulo has a taste for prestigious flats


Getting from the hospital to Spain

The Moscow City Court decided to extradite the Russian mafia accountant


Oligarchs Antonovs will purchase football club “Portsmouth” using the money from Russian Railways and Central Bank of Russian Federation

In mid February Russian businessmen, father and son Alexander and Vladimir Antonov, co-owners of Investbank and “Converse Group”, auto manufacturer of Saab, announced their intention to purchase English football club “Portsmouth”.


Rustam Tariko lost to Campari

Cinzano and Grant `s will not renew the contract with Rust Inc.


POISONOUS IMPORT. "H.B. Body S.A. " exports to Russia deliberately low-quality goods

The largest Greek manufacturer of automotive paint products "H.B. Body S.A. " exports to Russia deliberately low-quality goods


Investigation confined itself with an episode

The investigation on the first case of Mukhtar Ablyazov’s associates is over


Presidents do not control Olimpstroy

Taimuraz Bolloyev resigns


Glushchenko declared the abduction of his daughter

St. Petersburg police perceived that with humor


Sait Gutseriev Acquires the Largest Park from Mukhtar Ablayzov

As it became known to RBC Daily, Mukhtar Ablyazov, ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTA Bank, succeeded in selling his flag property development asset, North Domodedovo Logistics Park (Severnoye Domodedovo) with an area of 558,000 sq.m at the end of last year. The asset worth US$ 500 million was acquired by a BIN Group company related to Sait-Salam Gutseriev, and his partner in the deal was Suleyman Kerimov, according to market players.


Novgorodians are against Petrik’s filters

"We are against the experiments over the children of Novgorod!" With these words some members of the Novgorod public turned to the government to dismantle so-called Filters of Petrik established in kindergartens and schools".


Top manager of “Troika Dialog” was arrested in the U.S.

Peter Gavami is facing up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of $ 250 thousand for the fraud committed during his tenure in UBS


"Monya" IS Hiding in LONDON. Customer of the audacious attempt has been put on international wanted list

Customer of the audacious attempt on Russian businessman has been put on international wanted list


Kvetnoy came out of the shadow

Billionaire Lev Kvetnoy used to be a co-owner of Vnukovo airport.


The Spaniards left the ‘Bratskaya’ gang without the thief

Vladimir Tyurin, better known as kingpin Tyurik, has been detained in Moscow at the request of Spanish authorities.


Ded Hasan made a bid to nephews

One of the most influential "thieves in law", Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) decided to completely change their immediate environment after his life had been attempted.



Swiss banker's wife showed a strange confidence in the Latvian imposter


Kazakh banker has been issued an arrest warrant in Moscow

to extradite him from London


Nanoparticles disappeared from the Petrik filters

The editorial office of "Fontanka" received the documents under which it follows - water leaked through the filters of Petrik is still drinkable. Rospotrebnadzor reported so in response to requests from the Russian Government and the Public Chamber. It turns out that no nanotechnology was used to clean the water. The letter did not say a word about why Petrik claims to make a epochmaking discovery, as well as why his filters had been selected to participate in the program "Clean Water".


CAUGHT ON THE “SECONDARY EXTRACTION". That is how manipulators from "Orsi" tried to steal $ 1 billion

, already stolen from the budget of the Moscow region by ex-Finance Minister Alexey Kuznetsov