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"Russian Standard" has not been promoted in the arbitration

The company "Russian Standard Vodka" (RSV) owned by Rustam Tariko suffered another defeat in pursuit of its ex-manager Carlo Radikati, now the head of a group “Russian Alcohol” (TM"Green Mark "," Cranes "). Yesterday the Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed RSV claim on recovery from the Mr. Radikati of 311.4 million rubles which, according to the company, had been unreasonably spent on marketing services to promote vodka in the U.S. market. Earlier PCB tried to institute criminal proceeding against the manager for issuing himself a bonus of $ 100 thousand, but in September 2009 the first metropolitan police department dropped the case.


Khristenko is seeking for a job

A place in the pharmaceutical is being prepared for the son of the head of Minpromtorg