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Krasnoyarsk governor stands for Uyar

Uyar oil loading terminal is controlled by Grigory Berezkin


Conflict over Rosneft chairman post

The government can not agree upon the candidate


Sechin abided by Medvedev’s order to leave Rosneft

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin followed President Dmitry Medvedev’s order for deputy ministers and ministers to give up their membership in boards of directors of state companies.


Arbitration court to examine Rosneft's appeal against Navalny

The ninth Moscow arbitration court will resume hearings of the appeal by NK Rosneft plc against a lower court's ruling ordering the company to provide Aleksey Navalny, a minority shareholder, with the proceedings of the board of directors.


Elena Baturina found billions that had not been lost

After searching the banks, offices and homes


London will arbitrate TNK and BP

AAR challenged the deal on the strategic partnership of BP and Rosneft


Strong male servicing

A cousin of Vladimir Putin, headed "Surguttruboprovodstroy" which is associated with the structures of Timchenko


Sergey Bogdanchikov proved his loyalty to Sechin, putting his signatures "wherein it is necessary"

Putin may authorize a person Timchenko to become the new president of Rosneft, "because Igor Sechin already manages the company"


He did not obtain a single asset in Russia without the use of "administrative resources"

Expert report on the business strategy of Oleg Deripaska


Navalny escapes

Critic of the state corporations Alex Navalny was forced to leave Russia. He could be charged in connection with the "forest" of stories in the Kirovskaya region


Method of Navalny

The denial to institute criminal proceedings against the head of Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov has been declared illegal


Super secrecy order

The management and actual owners of trading company Gunvor has finally realized that they got into a zone of extra risk"


The Secret Empire

Gennady Timchenko and his structures have quietly acquired the assets around the globe: from Panama to Singapore, from Yamal to Algeria.


Yukos has got hands on “Rosneft” in GB

by achieving the arrest of its assets of $ 650 million