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Matrix under bai protection

Ex-President of Bashkortostan retrieves from ruin a trading network of the son of his friend


Raiders in peaceful Ozyory

People of the oligarch Viktor Vekselberg “captured” a whole Ozyory town in the Moscow region.


Troika top official quits his job

after Sberbank takes over


Inteco faces penalties for unpaid debts

VTB sues Baturina’s company


Raider case pinned on a criminal don

In Tverskoy district court in Moscow a prominent businessman Sergey Mikhailov was summoned to be a witness during case hearings against Dmitry Baranovsky.


Arbitration court to examine Rosneft's appeal against Navalny

The ninth Moscow arbitration court will resume hearings of the appeal by NK Rosneft plc against a lower court's ruling ordering the company to provide Aleksey Navalny, a minority shareholder, with the proceedings of the board of directors.


SEC filed charges against Rajat Gupta

Former board member and advisor to the Board of Sberbank was "singing" inside information for a couple of minutes


Sergei Polonsky asks for farewell

and not to consider him a businessman any longer


Elena Baturina found billions that had not been lost

After searching the banks, offices and homes


Gref stood in line for sale

Sberbank has taken seats for three persons


Sait Gutseriev Acquires the Largest Park from Mukhtar Ablayzov

As it became known to RBC Daily, Mukhtar Ablyazov, ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTA Bank, succeeded in selling his flag property development asset, North Domodedovo Logistics Park (Severnoye Domodedovo) with an area of 558,000 sq.m at the end of last year. The asset worth US$ 500 million was acquired by a BIN Group company related to Sait-Salam Gutseriev, and his partner in the deal was Suleyman Kerimov, according to market players.



For what money SAAB was bought? The investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation began investigation of plunder of more than 10 billion rubles at "Investbank".


Porto Genosse

Financing of projects by movement "Nashi" allowed the ex-owner of the Novorossiysk port to become "an insider" in the Kremlin, and to achieve high office in his political career


Pugachev sells Shipyards

United Industrial Corporation (UIC) by Sergey Pugachev sells «Severnaya Verf» and Baltic factory of the state UIC.


She gave $ 1 billion

The wife of Moscow Mayor, Elena Baturina earned and spent in 2009 more than any Russian official together with his/her spouse: 31 billion rubles.


Credit brood of Herman Gref

The head of the Savings Bank distributes public money for personal needs of his confidants