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Discovering the elite St. Petersburg real estate seems to have ended with decent loss for the State Duma deputy Vladimir Golovnev.


Socialite Janna Bullock slimed by horse tale

Russian-born New York socialite and real-estate mogul Janna Bullock has hired uber-publicist Max Clifford to battle a malicious Facebook campaign.


Everybody’s partner

American prosecutors assume that their long-time partner and friend Rajat Gupta could have provided fraudsters with the insider information from Galleon. At the moment transactions with stocks of Goldman Sachs are checked, however Gupta is included in the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank


The Bowling king is bankrupt

In 2006, the general director of "Bowling City" Yuri Vatlin in an interview with "Business Petersburg" explained that "NA Inform Consulting” declined the fashion project because it decided to get rid of noncore assets - the company allegedly was specializing in consulting.


The Supreme Arbitration outflanked Deripaska through wood

Collegiums of the Supreme Arbitration Court refused to review Rosimushchestvo (Federal Property Management Agency) lawsuit against the company "Pulp Mill Holding GmbH” on return of 20% shares of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill. Actually this decision puts an end to the fight for a stake in the company, which lasted for 15 years and received a resounding name of "forest war".


"Stringer": a knight of the cloak-and-non-cash

Has the advisor to the Presidential Administration Alexey Grishin failed the "Muslim" project of the Kremlin?


Copper King is under cloud

Igor Altushkin "gave himself away" through a billion tax fraud of Zhivilo brothers’ partner


«Plazas» and Rhinestones

Details of an inquest on embezzlement of Podmoskovye (Moscow Region) budget funds amounting to USD 1 billion by RIGroup Company; this money was used by Moscow Region ex-Minister of Finance Mr Kuznetsov to pay for the most expensive wedding in the history of new Russia


One for all

Former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Moscow region was accused of ganged fraud


A new Russian Blagojevich takes under control Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group

The head of one of Russian mafia’s groups Alexey Kuznetsov has legalized several billion US dollars in the USA through his wife’s (Janna Bullock) Russian-American company RIGroup and Pryor Cashman’s Banking Group.


Russian mafia legalize criminal money under the guise of contemporary art exhibitions

Valery Nosov was arrested on March 3 in Moscow. He is the closest assistance of the mafia clan head, Alexey Kuznetsov, being on the international wanted list. Nosov, Kuznetsov and mafia boss wife, Zhanna Bullock, head and president of RIGroup, are suspected in theft of 1 bln. USD from the Moscow region budget.


The scandal in the Guggenheim Foundation

The Guggenheim Foundation’s board found out that Nick Il’in, the former foundation’s project coordinator in Europe and Russia, had received a large bribe (half million US dollars) from Janna Bullock (the wife of Alexey Kuznetsov, the head of one of Russian mobs) to include her in the Board of Trustees of Guggenheim Foundation.


The New York Post: Russia scandal looms over top city socialite's storybook rise

Gorgeous and glamor ous, real-estate mogul Janna Bullock rose from Brighton Beach baby sitter to New York's best-known Russian socialite without anyone knowing much about her private life or past.