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How Peter Biryukov supports the UK economy

Moscow expensive cleans English equipment, issued for the Russian


General-torn millionaire in deputies to Zolotov

At the beginning of March 2016 Forbes has published the rating of the richest wives Russian officials.


Mazepin plays against Russia

Owner "URALCHEM" trying to avoid prosecution, has teamed up with the enemies of Putin


Igor Sechin’s right hand to be named main corruptionist

Former president of United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) Roman Trotsenko was cornered by investigators


New religious affairs chief

under conditions close to extreme


Magnitsky — Browder tax evasion case assigned to new investigator in Moscow

While Russian investigator on 'Magnitsky List' files libel suit in London


One more trial on Yukos

Former shareholder accused of theft in absentia


Kremlin HR body wants court to acquit Khodorkovsky

Medvedev’s council recommends reinvestigating Yukos case


Khodorkovsky has a crime boss on his side

Kingpin Sliva has asked his soldiers to take care of the imprisoned oligarch


Khodorkovsky has a crime boss on his side

Kingpin Sliva has asked his soldiers to take care of the imprisoned oligarch


Strasbourg Court rules fairly on Yukos

Judges found no political subtext in Yukos case, only procedural violations


Khodorkovsky verdict was crossed out

Russia’s Investigation Committee scrutinizes what seems to be a draft of the verdict


Fosagro reveals who controls its majority stake

It is Andrey Guryev, member of the Russian Parliament


Khodorkovsky and Lebedev are NOT prisoners of conscience

Amnesty International does not believe they are innocent


Russia delivers up a don to see Yukos CEO back home

Russia wants to have Antonio Valdes-Garcia (head of a firm affiliated with Yukos) extradited from Spain over a period of investigation in exchange for criminal don Tariel Oniani (Taro).


Khodorkovsky’s millions cropped up in an Irish bank

A total of 65 million euro was frozen after an attempt to transfer the money to an off-shore account.


Russia will not swap Bout

Russia’s Foreign Ministry denies any plans to exchange an American spy for Russian arms-dealer Mr Viktor Bout who is facing charges of conspiring to sell weapons and kill the US citizens before the court in the USA.


Documents of Berezovsky

FSB found it when pursuing the owner of Moscow region gambling business


Chubais asked Handelsblatt Newspaper to publish a retraction

they have distorted his words about the modernization and Khodorkovsky


ARREST THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Co-owner of Alfa-Bank became a victim of his own ambitions

Co-owner of Alfa-Bank, Mikhail Fridman became a victim of his own ambitions: he came into conflict with Oleg Deripaska and Leonid Reiman, and almost ended up behind the bars.