I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Skorobogatko Alexander Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Did not create any bill

Khachaturov Danil General Director of OAO

He hid his property from the wife

Ponomarenko Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Novorossiysk Commercial...

He agreed on payment for "Oligarch" with Berezovsky

Dzhaparidze Alexander Chairman of Board of Directors of Eurasia Drilling Co.

Started his business by Alekperov

Abashidse Aslan Former leader of the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria

He set up a personal army and a dog shelter

Abzianidze Beso Kingpin

He overreached himself with drugs

Abramov Yan Chairman of the board of “New Technologies” Open JSC

He preferred Safin’s daughter to Sobchak’s daughter

Vardanyan Ruben The co-owner of «Troika Dialog»

He is able to be on friendly terms with the authorities

Arsamakov Abubakar President of Moscow Industrial Bank

The banker of Chechen gang men

Babaev Igor President of Cherkizovsky holding

Millionaire, who is eager become a billionaire

Bekov Abukar The former co-owner of Grand Association

Не became a millionaire thanks to his father's relations.

Belkovsky Stanislav Former President of the National Strategy Institute

Any word he utters had already been paid for

Belotserkovsky Boris Co-owner of Ivenko

He started with gambling business

Belykh Nikita Governor of the Kirovsky region

Sworn in at the age of 35 he became the youngest governor in Russia

Bendukidze Kakha Former Minister of Economy of Georgia

He sold the Chechen oil

Bespalikov Alexey Member of the Federation Council of RF

He was accused of supporting a bandit clan

Beshmelnitsky Andrey Director-general of Unimilk company

He changed meat for milk

Bogachev Аlexey Owner of Sistema bank

He was denied credit

Boos Georgy Former Governor of Kaliningrad region

He was nicknamed Mandarin

Buriak Dmitriy President of Health Tech Corporation

He has profiteered from Coca-Cola’s troubles