I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Vavilov Andrey Business owner

He spent $160,000 on reconciliation with his wife

Velikhov Evgeny Secretary of the Public Chamber

He was a member of 26 non-governmental organizations

Volodin Vyacheslav Deputy prime minister

Dubbed as Slava 6 percent

Volochkova Anastasia Russian ballet dancer and actress

She owes her glory to her English lover

Glazyev Sergey Executive secretary of the Customs Union

His secretaries called him a «slobbery kisser»

Gozman Leonid Advisor to the director general of state Rusnano corp.

He dislikes gays, but against banning of their parades

Goldovsky Yakov co-owner of Petrochemical Holding

Nicknamed most ordinary oligarch

Golikova Tatyana Health and Social Development Minister

She is nicknamed Madame Arbidol

Davidovich David Owner of Prodo Group (meat processing)

A copycat good fellow

Darkin Sergey The Primorsky Krai Governor

Confidant of Nemtsov and Putin

Dvorkovich Arkady Deputy Prime Minister

He has a reputation of a devout moderniser

Denin Nikolay Governor of the Bryansk Region

Uralmash organized crime group has donated to his political campaign

Yevnevich Alexander Chairman of the board of Maksidom chain of home improvement ...

He collects ex-St Petersburg governor Matvienko's amateurish paintaings

Zhukov Alexander First vice-speaker of the State Duma of the 6th Convocation

Once he said that the global crisis would not reach Russia

Zimin Victor Head of the government of the republic of Khakassia

He profited from the disaster at Sayano-Shushensk plant

Zubov Dmitry Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema public ...

He paid for Yanukovych's "girls"

Zurabov Mikhail Russian ambassador to Ukraine

Nicknamed «pensioners' oligarch»

Zyuganov Gennady Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of ...

Nicknamed: a Zyug-zag who had no-luck

Kadyrov Ramzan Head of the Chechen Republic

He’s got a home zoo and personal army

Kasparov Garry The leader of United Civil Front

He is called the greatest chess player in history