I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Pochinok Alexander Former member of the Federation Council representing the...

They called him Sasha the Vacuum Cleane

Pulikovsky Konstantin Chairman of regional office of Just Russia political party ...

He was alleged to sell seats in parliament

Putilov Alexander Co-Owner Of Eurazia Drilling Company

He took part in the privatization war

Pushkarev Igor Mayor of Vladivostok

He had to pay for the Eternal Flame

Reiman Leonid Member of Svyazinvest Board of Directors

He was a party to a scandal more often than any other official of 2000s

Rutskoi Alexander Retiree

He suggested bombing the Kremlin

Ryzhkov Vladimir Co-chairman of the Party of People's Freedom

He worked as a Chernomyrdin’s canvasser

Sabadash Alexander Owner of Vyborg pulp and paper mill

Former Russia’s vodka tycoon

Savchenko Yevgeny Governor of Belgorod region

He prohibited listening to rock music

Sardarov Rashid The Owner Of South Ural Industrial Company

He invited Sir Elton John as a guest to his wife’s birthday party

Slipenchuk Mikhail Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the...

He likes noisy orgies

Snopok Sergey Co-owner of Phaeton petrol stations chain

He forced his company into insolvency to retain control over it

Kirikov Andrey The owner of a Moscow construction company Art–Format

He robbed his accomplice in raider takeovers

Yastrzhembsky Sergei Co-founder of the non-commercial partnership “Vremena Goda”

A servant of all masters

Yakunin Vladimir President of Russian Railways JSC

He successfully has settled his offsprings

Yavlinsky Grigory Former leader of the Yabloko party

He was called "Zhirinovsky for intellectuals"

Yushvaev Gabriel Member of the Wimm-Bill-Dann board of directors

He went into a large business soon after serving a prison term for robbery

Yuriev Evgeny Co-chair of Business Russia

Orthodox hypocrite

Shpak Georgy Former Governor of Ryazan Region

He took tolls for the chance to die

Shoigu Sergey Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

He owes his father-in-law everything he achieved.