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Slipenchuk Mikhail Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the...

He likes noisy orgies

Snopok Sergey Co-owner of Phaeton petrol stations chain

He forced his company into insolvency to retain control over it

Sulteev Rustem Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of The Holding Taif

He owed his success to President of Tatarstan

Chub Vladimir Chairman of the board of directors of Azov-Don Shipping...

His wife was the richest wife of a governor in Russia

Tsikalyuk Sergey Chairman of the board of directors of the Military...

His company is considered the least transparent

Fuks Pavel Chairman of the Board of Directors of MosCityGroup

He bought a trough for 200 thousand dollars

Friedland Leonid President and co-owner of Mercury Group

The Diamond King of Russia

Fryman Aleksandr Aljba Alliance co-owner

He had a problem dividing assets with Vekselberg

Ustinov Vladimir Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the...

Berezovsky vouched for him

Titarenko Nikolay Co-owner of Novatek

His company has financed construction of the presidential dacha

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

He was building a financial empire for Medvedev

Vinokurov Aleksandr President of IR A1

Alexander Vinokourov with his father Semen Vinokourov owns "Genfa" (specialized in the distribution and production of medicines).

Yusufov Igor Former Minister of Energy of Russia

From 2011 to present - Carries out a private investment activity through the "Energy" Fund, established by him.

Tetruashvili Semen Owner of the "United Fuel Corporation"

Group of companies "United Fuel Corporation" (GK "UFC") operates in the field of oil and gas production and reprocessing industry.

Brechalov Alexander Secretary of the Russian Public Chamber in 2014, Co-Chair...

At the end of 2015 Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the ONF Alexander Brechalov...

Savvidi Ivan Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Russian businessman, candidate of economic sciences (1999).

Hotin Alex A co-owner of the bank "Yugra"

According to market participants, Hotin family owns 150 commercial real estate in Moscow, a total area of 1.5 million square meters.

Te Paul Co-owner of a "Capital Group"

In the ranking of Russian billionaires on the 2011 by the version of the "Finance" magazine the financial state of Paul Te was estimated at $ 220...

Nogotkov Maxim Owner of the network "Svyaznoy"

In February 2010, "Svyaznoy" has established a bank "Svyaznoy Bank".