I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Найдено в тексте у следующих досье:

Babushkin Andrey Chairman of the Committee on Civil Rights

He stood for humane treatment for murderers

Belkovsky Stanislav Former President of the National Strategy Institute

Any word he utters had already been paid for

Bendukidze Kakha Former Minister of Economy of Georgia

He sold the Chechen oil

Vavilov Andrey Business owner

He spent $160,000 on reconciliation with his wife

Voloshin Alexander Chairman of the board of directors of Uralkali JSC

He was called the second Korzhakov to President Yeltsin

Goncharuk Aleksandr Chairman of the board of oil company Bashneft JSC

Submarine officer who became a figurehead

Zyuganov Gennady Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of ...

Nicknamed: a Zyug-zag who had no-luck

Izmestiev Igor Former member of the Council of Federation

He was charged with two terrorist acts and 14 murders

Kasparov Garry The leader of United Civil Front

He is called the greatest chess player in history

Kasyanov Mikhail Leader of the People’s Democratic Union (the RNDS)

He was named “Misha Two Percent”

Naryshkin Sergey Chairman of the State Duma

His wife was the richest of the wives of Kremlin officials

Nekrich Mikail Co-Owner Of Hermitage Resources

He armed Chechen rebels

Nemtsov Boris Co-chairman of Solidarnost political movement

He was thought to become Eltsin’s successor

Ryzhkov Vladimir Co-chairman of the Party of People's Freedom

He worked as a Chernomyrdin’s canvasser

Sechin Igor Deputy Prime-Minister of Russia

NY Times called him the state’s main raider

Smushkin Zahar Chairman Of Ilim Pulp Enterprise

He was suspected of rape

Snopok Sergey Co-owner of Phaeton petrol stations chain

He forced his company into insolvency to retain control over it

Yurov Ilya Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trust National Bank

He was accused of raiding

Khloponin Alexander Deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation

Took part in homosexual orgies

Hakamada Irina Former leader of Our Choice party

She calls herself a female samurai