By Vardges Ghazarian, the owner of Cafe "Yakor" located in the Nevsky Forest Park – its demolition is sought by the of the representatives of the Fund "Pokrovsky”, headed by Lyubov Sovershaeva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Group (controlled by the bank" Rossiya ").

Several media published "The reply of the Pokrovsky Fund” to the article on “Pseudo-Church traditions ", which appeared in the online newspaper" Fontanka.Ru "on April 2, 2010. The article described in detail the machinations of the representatives of the Fund to receive about 600 hectares of land on the banks of the Neva River – almost the entire Nevsky Park - for an uncompensated use. The most striking fact is that representatives of the Pokovsky Fund used a rigged solution of Leningrad Executive Committee in 1972, through which they succeeded in changing the status of the park from a "forest land" to "the land of specially protected areas." Changing the status has caused the department change being in charge of the forest park. The new curator, Leningrad Regional Territorial Department of Federal Property Management Agency, passed those 600 acres to the Pokrovsky Fund for the long-term uncompensated use.

On the territory of the Nevsky park, there is Anchor Cafe that I had built, which has been popular with locals and holidaymakers for many years, who enjoy spending their leisure time in one of the most beautiful places in the Leningrad region. Representatives of the Pokrovsky Fund do their best to demolish the Cafe, thereby depriving me and my family a fair wage, and the people of the opportunity to have tasty and inexpensive meal outside. And all that is because for years I have been trying to prove in court the illegality of the officials' decisions, due to which the Pokrovsky fund gained the Nevsky Forest Park.

Lyubov Sovershaeva - President of the Fund and Andrei Antonov - the CEO of the Fund mislead the readers with their "letter of reply" (as they openly distort the facts) to an absolutely objective article by journalists of "Fontanka".

First, they refer to the fact that allegedly there is a monument in the Nevsky Forest Park- a kind of "Ensemble of Zinoviev's Estates" which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is an outright lie – there are no monuments under UNESCO protection in Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad Oblast, and such statements are only the fruit of numerous frauds, and UNESCO will learn about them soon. Being Russian, it grieved me to get to know that people of such magnitude as Ms. Sovershaeva, Mr.Yavnik, Mr.Kuzyk (the Pokrovsky Fund) do not think about the danger of enormous reputation losses of their country.

Secondly, the Fund managers are trying to create the impression that all their actions are supported by the Russian Orthodox Church. This fund managers lowered the presence of their own conflict with the St. Petersburg Diocese. Moreover, representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate have repeatedly asked top hig-profiled officials not to allow the Pokrovsky Fund demolish my cafe. My family for almost 11 years has been providing grants to Parish of St. Sophia Cathedral, for that purpose an agreement on joint activities has been concluded between us.

And finally, I want to note that some of the media (in particular, the site "") published "The Reply of the Pokrovsky Fund" to the article on “Pseudo-Church Traditions” called me a false name and put the photograph of another person. I think that this accident illustrates the confusion the representatives of the Pokrovsky Fund make in our information space through their actions.

Actually, I think that the actions of Ms. Sovershaeva and Mr. Antonov has gone one step too far. Therefore, in the near future, I plan to meet them in court.

Entrepreneur Vardges Kazarian