Recently the resignation of Head of the Interior Ministry of North-West Federal District, General Vyacheslav Krasavin was announced; he had been holding this position for almost 5 years. As usual, no reason is uncovered for such a radical personnel action against the official, on whom the security of one of the most densely populated regions of the country depended. The official wording is "because of the unsatisfactory results of the work in recent years," and it says nothing to the vast majority of people.

In the meantime, the editors of RM obtained documents, which may serve as an excellent example of personnel policies by Viacheslav Krasavin. This is the example explaining inter alia the reasons for which such people as maniac Major Evsyukov appear in our police.


The private story concerns one officer from SU Interior Ministry in the NWFD, Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Smirnov.

In November 2007, Vyacheslav Krasavin ordered to appoint Mikhail Smirnov to the post of Deputy Chief of the operational implementation department and full-time undercover officers of the GD. by the way, the post is "serious enough", which is the management of the holy of holies of any power agency - agents. Mikhail Smirnov was appointed to this position after ... the release from prison. He was accused of several crimes, in particular, for falsifying criminal cases, however, the court acquitted him. But apart from the criminal case under which Smirnov had been kept under arrest, there was another one - a theft of the Mercedes. The investigation of this criminal case has been suspended, then resumed again and again for many years; Smirnov has been involved in the case all that time, but at the time of his appointment to the post of Deputy Chief of the Operational Implementation Department of the GD of Interior Ministry in the Northwestern Federal District the official was not a defendant in the case.

In general, in November 2007 Viacheslav Krasavin apparently had no reason to doubt the reliability of the officer to whom he has entrusted such a subtle work.

Meanwhile, the criminal case of theft of the Mercedes continued to develop thanks to the sticktoitiveness of the victim - a former deputy head of Pulkovo Customs, Yevgeny Fyodorov. In September 2008, Investigator of the Investigations Division of IC of RF in the Northwestern Federal District, that was proceeding the case, sent a letter to Krasavin. The letter reported that there is a criminal case instituted against Lieutenant Colonel Smirnov, and, moreover, the investigator drew the attention of Mr. Krasavin to the presence of a psychiatric illness that Mikhail Smirnov had been suffering. A very impressive diagnosis was indicated in the letter in detail.

In this regard, the investigator asked Vyacheslav Krasavin to forward Mikhail Smirnov for examination in the military-medical commission to determine: whether such person can fit for service in the militia.

The response of Krasavin's assistant - chief of personnel department and conspiracy department of SU of Interior Ministry in the Northwestern Federal District, Colonel Konshin is quite sentimental. Colonel wrote that only to those employees who have a continuous period of a sick leave more than 4 months long are to be sent for the military-medical commission. Smirnov has not used this period in full, and, therefore, there is no reason to doubt his suitability to work in the police!

Moreover, this officer's diagnosis readily admits manifestations of unwarranted aggression - and any doctor can confirm this; Enhance it with the intrinsic professional personality deformation of policemen and service weapons-bearing ...

No wonder, six months after this correspondence a capital police chief, Major Evsyukov carried out an absolutely unmotivated massacre in the hypermarket - 2 people were killed, 7 were wounded. Major was sentenced to life imprisonment for his "feat", he had had health problems before that- but they are incomparably less serious than that of the St. Petersburg Colonel Smirnov.