The Russian diplomats and law enforcement agencies managed to solve the issue of extradition businessman Alexey Kalinichenko, accused of creating a financial pyramid - from the Kingdom of Morocco to Russia. The decision has been taken by Moroccan government. Let us recall that Mr. Kalinichenko was accused of fraud (st.159 CCRF) and the legalization of criminal assets (174 of the Criminal Code). According to the investigators of SD of MIA on the Ural Federal District, investigating the criminal case, he had founded a financial pyramid - OOO United FX-Traders Group (UTG) and OOO Global Gaming Expo (GGE). Those companies were engaged in trust management of financial assets in transactions in the interbank Forex market and served more than 4 thousand clients. But a year later the company stopped paying the customers, and the founder left Russia, having had to withdraw behind the border more than 120 million rubles (total damage amounted to about 1 billion rubles).

In 2008, Mr. Kalinichenko was detained in Italy. But the original request of Russian authorities for extradition was denied, and this helped the businessman to go to the Kingdom of Morocco in 2009, before the Russian side has received the authorization of the Russian extradition in the Supreme Court of Italy. Alexey Kalinichenko was detained in the town of Rabat (the capital of Morocco) in early 2010. "Recently, Government of the Kingdom, having considered the request of Russian authorities, took a positive decision on extradition", source in diplomatic circles told Kommersant.

According to Kommersant, now the Russian diplomats and law enforcement agencies are solving the problem of the country through which the businessman will be returned to the Ural. "There is no direct connection between Morocco and Russia, except for charter flights. Therefore Kalinichenko can be extradited only through other countries - Italy or Spain ", the embassy interlocutors of Kommersant noted.