Russia's Foreign Ministry has hired a lobbying firm Endeavor Group to assist in the issue of an entry visa to Oleg Deripaska. Now the Russian billionaire is strictly banned from entering the U.S.: the U.S. government suspected him of having links with the Russian mafia. An exception was made only last year: Deripaska was given a temporary visa to double visits to America for negotiations with General Motors.

Deripaska has been trying to solve the problem with the visa for many years.

Rusal reported in its prospectus for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that Deripaska was first banned from entering the U.S. in 1998: U.S. authorities suspected billionaire in illegal activities. Since then, the businessman has repeatedly tried to get a visa, spent a lot of money and hired well-known lobbyists.

First Alston & Bird worked for Deripaska about six years (This Company, in particular, runs the former Republican Senator Bob Dole). Then it received $ 270 thousand for the services. In 2009, the billionaire signed a contract with another lobbyist - Endeavor Group. Managing partner Adam Waldman worked at the U.S. Justice Department under Bill Clinton. For almost half a year, Endeavor Group had received from Deripaska $ 367 thousand.

Lavrov praises the billionaire

In September, Sergey Lavrov wrote Adam Waldman asking to assist Deripaska in obtaining a visa. Foreign Minister calls the entrepreneur one of the leaders of Russian business, who operates many different businesses providing thousands of people both in Russia and abroad with work. They "are the engine of the Russian and world economy, Lavrov praises.

As noted in the letter, Deripaska's companies maintain stable business relationships with American firms and that is only in favor of the U.S. economy. However, Lavrov complains, for the past years, America prohibits billionaire from obtaining the visa. The Minister believes, Free movement of Deripaska in Russia and the U.S., will promote the mutually beneficial Russian-American business relations.

Head of the Russian Foreign Minister said that the issue of a U.S. visa for the billionaire has already been raised repeatedly at the official level. Lavrov expressed hope that the efforts of the Endeavor Group will lead to a successful resolution of the conflict.

Waldman explained in his declaration filed to the U.S. Justice Department in October 2010 that in the interest of Sergey Lavrov his firm will collect information and make recommendations on issues related to obtaining a U.S. visa for Deripaska.

The representative of billionaire said to "Marker" that Oleg Deripaska has no plans to go to the U.S. in the nearest future.