Russian law enforcement agencies are "principally willing to" temporarily surrender to Spain a known kingpin Tariel Mulukhov (Oniani), known in some circles by the nickname of Taro. On July 19, this year, this native of Georgia was sentenced by the Khamovnichesky court in Moscow to 10 years in penal colony for kidnapping and extortion, according to Rosbalt. But this temporary transfer may take place if the Spanish side also accommodates Russia on some issues of interest to its law enforcement agencies, Infox said citing a source close to the leadership of Prosecutor General's Office.

Request for extradition of Oniani was sent to the Prosecutor General of Russia by Spanish judge Fernando Andreu, who is investigating the case of large-scale money laundering through the purchase of property in Spain by a group of Russians involved with the criminal business. Spanish prosecutor's office has written a European arrest warrant for Oniani on charges of money laundering by investing in property and organizing a criminal community.

Let us recall that in the same case, Spanish authorities have asked Russia to extradite another kingpin Vladimir Tyurin, nicknamed Tyurik, which in early November, was detained in Moscow. Previously, there were reports stating that the Russian Prosecutor General's Office may extradite Tyurik to Spain. However, agency spokesman said that the information was "not true" and the decision has not been made yet.

As for Tariel Oniani, the Spanish judge Fernando Andreu sent a request to Russia for his extradition. But, as the newspaper notes, Taro can not be extradited to Spain, he can only be temporarily handed over to its law enforcement agencies for investigation. In addition, it can be done only if the Spanish authorities take reciprocal steps in which the Russian side is interested. In particular, another kingpin Kalashev Zachary, who was sentenced in Spain in June 2010 to 7.5 years for money laundering, can be handed over to Russia. Law enforcement bodies of Russia have questions to Kalashov, who is now serving his sentence in prison in Madrid.

Let us recall that in 2005 during a raid in Spain "Wasp" More than 400 police officers conducted about 50 raids in Barcelona, Alicante, in the resorts of Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos. According to the results of operations, 30 people have been arrested - the citizens of Spain, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Then Oniani escaped arrest only because during the operation he was outside of Spain, the Spanish El Pais reported.

According to investigators of Spain, all of these cases by the three thieves are linked through money laundering through Izmaylovskaya and Bratskaya criminal gangs through the company Vera Metallurgica registered in Alicante. According to Spanish investigators, Tyurin is one of the most influential leaders of the Mafia, which stands far above Kalashov. In addition, the Spanish investigation suspected of involvement in this "laundry" the aluminum magnate, CEO of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska and Israelis of Russian origin, Mikhaill Cherny, for whom an international warrant was issued. In May of this year, representatives of the Judiciary of Spain arrived in Moscow to take evidence from Mr Deripaska as a witness. After this interrogation, being already in Spain, a judge of the National Court of Justice of Spain Fernando Andreu said that he considered him " accused to a greater degree" Earlier, the press service of the owner of the holding company Basic Element by Deripaska said that the businessman met with investigators to assist in their investigation affecting the number of Russian and Spanish companies and individuals. "