Note that, according to the media, it is in the Caribbean next spring wedding of the eldest daughter of the billionaire Anna and lawyer Nikolai Lazarev should take place. The tabloids claim that Roman Abramovich has agreed to cancel a condition made to his daughter - no marriage until she graduates from college – after he had made sure that his daughter really loves her boyfriend.

Eclipse yacht was built in the German shipyard Blohm + Voss. The company was supposed to transfer the yacht o tAbramovich earlier this year, but during the test out to sea there was revealed a slight defect in the engine. Businessman got angry because of that reason during the voyage a mirror was broken and the glasses rattled. As a result, the engine had to be further developed, and the changes were made to the navigation system and helipads.

Yacht Eclipse is now the longest yacht in the world and reaches a length of 163 meters. It can accommodate 30 guests and 75 crew members. In addition, the vessel has its own submarine, the 16-meter pool, which can be optionally converted into a dance floor, as well as two landing sites for helicopters, according to portal

Interior design was madу by world renowned designer Terrence Disdeyl. There a separate fitness room with sauna, cinema and wine cellar inside of the yacht. Ceiling over the bedroom is extendible and one can admire the sky through it. Presumably, this luxury cost Abramovich $ 300 million.

Meanwhile, oligarch is not going to stay in business only and ready to work with the deputies Andrei Gorodilov in order to run for the spring elections again for the legislature in the region. Abramovich is now the chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District, while in the past he used to be a governor of Chukotka.

Now Abramovich, together with his former first deputy filed the documents to the election commission stating their nomination as candidates in the West three-mandated election disctrict № 2. The district election commission shall take a decision on their registration as candidates within ten days from the filing of documents for registration.

Before that, residents of the Bilibinskiy municipal district, which is included in this district, sent numerous appeals to Abramovich and Gorodilov asking to continue their activities in the region, ITAR-TASS quoted a source in the district electoral commission.

Elections to the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous Region will be held at the same day when voting in Russia will take place – on March 13, 2011. This will be the fifth convocation of the district Duma. The current MPs were elected on Oct. 12, 2008, and now their term expires. 12 deputies will be elected to the district Duma. Half of them will be elected on party lists, the other – on the two three-mandated districts - East and West, whose introduction is due to the need to comply with an approximately equal number of voters in each of them.

Source: on 16/12/2010