The request was filled by Muzyka Khoroshego Vkusa LLC on March, 15. Sergey Polonsky is incriminated with the breaking of copyright. ‘Today I have written a request, asking head of GUVD Vladimir Koltsov to institute criminal proceedings against Polonsky under Article 146.3 of the CC (copyright violation)’, said lawyer Mr Sergey Zhorin, who represents the complainant’s side. The above-mentioned article stipulates punishment from 2 to 6 years of imprisonment.

 The lawyer says that the commercial video which is available on the web site of Mirax Group holding of companies contains footage from Thomas Anders’ ‘Stay with me’ video clip, created by the Muzyka Khoroshego Vkusa. The company has the exclusive right on this object of intellectual property. The lawyer says he has repeatedly asked to remove the video from the site, but no action followed.

The request says that neither Polonsky, nor Mirax group has rights to use Anders’ video clip. ‘The violation is cynical, because the creative work is openly used and spread without consent of the possessor’s of the rights’. Besides, the complainant thinks that ‘a group of people acted in collusion, because S. Yu. Polonsky cannot have done this alone’.