Attorney General's Office has announced about an upcoming abasement transfer of Moscow region prosecutor, Alexander Mokhov, and dismissal of his first deputy, Alexander Ignatenko, and also about dismissal of head of the 15th division of the regional prosecutor’s office, Dmitry Urumov, responsible for supervising the investigation process.

Prosecutors Mokhov, Ignatenko and Urumov fell victims to an internal inspection announced by Attorney General, Yuri Chaika. The check followed publications in the media about protection racket of illegal gambling establishments in the region owned by a businessman, Ivan Nazarov.

Nazarov, his accomplices, Alla Guseva and Marat Mamyev, and three policemen who provided protection to the illegal business, are charged with fraud (Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), and despite the active opposition from  the prosecutor's office, were arrested by the court. Basmanny court extended their detention until August, 15.

In accordance with Yuri Chaika’s order, Alexander Mokhov will be removed from current office and transferred to an inferior position. Most likely, he will become deputy to the Moscow inter-regional transport prosecutor.

First Deputy Head of Moscow region prosecutor’s office, Alexander Ignatenko, and head of the 15th division of the regional prosecutor’s office, Dmitry Urumov, have been fired from the prosecutor’s office for violation of the prosecutor’s oath. They may be indicted under articles 290 and 285 of the Criminal Code. In accordance with the law on the prosecutor's office, since both men have been awarded badges of "Honored Worker of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation”, the decision to dismiss them had to be taken by the Attorney General, Mr Chaika.

The agreement to institute proceedings against Ignatenko and Urumov was reached on March 31 after Yuri Chaika met with Chairman of the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, and Dmitry Medvedev. The investigation also dropped the intention to initiate proceedings against Artem Chaika, the Prosecutor General’s son, within the case over illegal casino.

The case investigating the casinos has already been delegated to one of the most experienced and ambitious officers in the Investigating Committee, Denis Nikandrov. According to some sources, the investigator, who at some point managed to ensure a nine year sentence for Dmitry Dovgy, former head of the main investigation department of the same division, is unlikely to be satisfied with prosecuting only Ivan Nazarov, his accomplices, and the policemen.