On June 30 law enforcement authorities began to seize documents at the Domodedovo airport.

In the framework of the seizure they questioned Dmitry Kamenshchik, head of the airport. His testimony should help sort out issues related to ownership of shares in the airport.

"The main investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to investigate the criminal case instituted upon failure to meet traffic safety requirements at the Domodedovo airport", reminded Vladimir Markin, representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

It is worth mentioning that on February 7, 2011 Dmitry Medvedev demanded that the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika presented a separate report on the owners of the Domodedovo airport. He expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the tangled situation around the owner of the airport.

After that, Svoboda radio station tried to deal with the issue of ownership of Domodedovo. Andrey Sotnik, a financial analyst, gave an expert opinion regarding the investigation.

Actual owners of the Domodedovo airport changed at least 13 times since 1991, explained Sotnik.

The current owner of the airport, East Line group, was established before the collapse of the Soviet Union, in February 1991. It was a Soviet-Liechtenstein joint venture operating in Sverdlovsk as a closed joint stock company. The founders of the company are Dmitry Kamenshchik and Dmitry Shaklein. According to reports, Kamenshchik founded and headed the company when he was 22 years old. Currently, Kamenshchik is the chairman of the board of directors of East Line group and the chairman of the board of directors of Moscow airport Domodedovo.

Then there were numerous reorganizations in the company.

In summer 1994 a new East Line was registered in Cyprus. It was owned by Liechtenstein Company and a trust, one of the least transparent forms of ownership. In 1995 the Liechtenstein company and Dmitry Shaklein founded on equal footing a Russian East Line. In 1998 East Line established an affiliated EAST LINE Handling. Later a new offshore emerged in the group. It was Airport Services Development Ltd., registered on the Isle of Man which owned 19.99% of Airline East Line CJSC.

In December 2000 there was another confidential transformation of the East Line group. Its accounting records for 2000-2001 mentioned company Hacienda Investments, registered on Cyprus. The company owned large stakes in various companies related to Domodedovo. Shaklein was the head of Hacienda.

In 2004 operating margin of East Line reached 42% and Sverdlovsk "founding fathers" began to be pressed out of the business. Valery Kogan joined East Line as chairman of the supervisory board. According to The Russian Mafia web-site (rumafia.com), his role in the company was much more significant. The company became wholly owned by an offshore company FML Ltd. registered on the Isle of Man. Since 2005 FML Ltd. also owned 98% shares of International airport Domodedovo CJSC. Among the co-owners of this company are Shaun Cairns and Jane Peters.

In 2007 a new company, East Line Group, was established to manage the airport. It includes the offshore managing company Servises Airport Development Ltd. and 15 companies involved in operating Domodedovo.

In 2010, according to the annual report of FML, 36.3% of shares belonged to Shaun Cairns, 63.7% to Jane Peters. Meanwhile, a year ago FML had three shareholders. The third was an offshore Copperwood Nominees Ltd. It is not known who was behind the offshore company and why he is no longer among the owners.