Vyacheslav Sizov, legal counsellor of the second class at the Prosecutor General’s Office, who attempted to shoot himself, remains in intensive care in a critical condition. Doctors do not undertake to predict whether he will survive after a gunshot wound to the head. The Investigative Committee now looks into the incident to decide whether a criminal case should be instituted. It can be qualified under Article 110 of the Criminal Code, that is, “Bringing to commit suicide”.

At the same time Yuri Chaika’s office promptly shelved the version of Vyacheslav Sizov being involved in one of the most notorious scandals of recent times, namely the criminal case over prosecutor's office and the Ministry of the Interior employees hushing up network of illegal casinos in Moscow region. But the media insist that Sizov had a direct bearing on the case, although he is not among the suspects.

Prosecutor General’s Office General Directorate for Supervision of the implementation of federal security legislation, which was headed by Sizov, was engaged in the supervision of the Federal Security Service, the employees of which were responsible for operative service in the investigation of the illegal gambling business. According to The Russian Mafia web-site (rumafia.com), in an effort to find violations, the supervisory body used Sizov to require and receive FSB data on wiretapping and other operational and search actions against prosecutors, who were suspected of receiving bribes from those who had set up the underground network, and against other defendants. The media reported that Sizov tried to avoid involvement in the conflict between prosecution and investigation.

It is known that Sizov tried to kill himself after a working group meeting with Victor Green, deputy prosecutor general, during which he was allegedly subjected to severe criticism for his work. Prosecutor General's office refused to either officially confirm or officially deny this information. However, a law enforcement source said that "judging by the reaction of Sizov, he shot himself because of what happened at that briefing." Another source said that "there is little doubt that the suicide is work related. An official of such high rank would hardly shoot himself in the head in the workplace because of unrequited love or problems in the family. "