President has dismissed three senior generals and a colonel. Among them there was Constantine Machabeli, first deputy chief of the Bureau of Special Technical Measures (BSTM) of the Ministry of the Interior. Evgeny Chichvarkin, Euroset ex-head, was one of the first to respond to the dismissal of Major-General in his LiveJournal. "This is great news, thank you, Mr President", he wrote.  Chichvarkin also said that he insists on prosecution of "werewolves in epaulettes" and asked Medvedev to write two or three lines on Twitter to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika so as to initiate a check. Chichvarkin says that Machabeli is responsible for several deaths and millions of dollars thefts in Russian firms.

According to Chichvarkin, Interior Ministry officials organized a scheme to arrest mobile phones passing through customs and resold them to their firms for a symbolic price. "I will not return to Russia until such people are not prosecuted", promised Chichvarkin, who lives in Europe at the moment. In his LiveJournal, he publicized a whole list of Machabeli’s "merits". 

On it there is the raider seizure of mobile phones from six retail companies in 2005 was worth at least 50 million dollars and stealing the basic working capital from Division company in 2006. Attempt of raider seizure of Motorola phones worth 19 million dollars in 2006 is also on the list, as well as raider attacks on Technosila Company in 2006-2007 causing loss of about 30 million dollars. The list also includes raider seizure of Samsung phones worth about 10 million dollars from in 2006 and raider seizure of computers from Sunrise, which were resold to Ultra Electronics and then seized from Ultra Electronics.  Raider takeover attempt aimed at Euroset in 2008, taking former Euroset security officers as hostages for more than two years. 

"And just a few weeks ago BSTM sent a request to Yandex-money to find out who transferred money to Navalny. One person named himself openly and that person is I ", wrote Chichvarkin.