State-run pipeline operator Transneft has posted detailed report about the company’s expenditure on charitable giving on its web page. A source in the company said the publication of the report was a “forced measure” in a view of reproaches for the lack of transparency. For a number of years blogger Aleksandr Navalny, a minority shareholder of Transneft, has been fighting in court to reveal such information.

The report contains information pertaining to 2011. Information about earlier period is unavailable.    According to the report, this year Transneft has already spent 3.21b roubles ($110m) on charity. It was reported earlier, that 25% of the funds aimed at philanthropic activities went to support children: schools, kindergartens and orphanages received help from the company. However, in 2011 only 1.6% of money (52m roubles) went to child welfare institutions, whereas almost 80% of money (2.55b roubles) went to international charitable trust called Konstantinovsky (St Petersburg), "for building research center and creating natural reserve area" of Oceanarium in Primorsky Region. The project is implemented in cooperation with the  Far East branch of Russian Academy of Science in Vladivostok.

Konstantinovsky trust is chaired by Vladimir Kozhin, presidential property manager.