Police has detained Parviz Yasinov, Tajik-born Russian construction tycoon Obid Yasinov’s son. Mr Yasinov Sr. is actual owner of Moscow-based building company called Mosstroymechanizatsiya or MSM-5. His son Parviz, ex-husband of pop singer Yulya Volkova (Tatu), is suspected of organizing the attack on business owner Kirill Meshcheryakov and his wife Natalya Barshchevskaya, daughter of Mikhail Barshchevsky - the attorney who represents Russian government in the higher courts. 

Unlike Parviz who always appears on the celebrity news, Obid is the character from another realm. Yasinov Sr., director general of MSM-5, has been involved in the number of criminal cases.

Some reports made in May 2011 said that Yasinov Sr. was implicated in the failed assasination attempt on the life of Petr Ivanov - director general of FCSR development company. FCSR's representatives claim that their competitors from MSM-5 had hired a hitman. «It was people from MSM-5 who shot. We have conflict over objects in Fili-Davydkovo [neighbourhood in Moscow]. They wanted to penetrate in the construction site. Unfortunately I can not tell you any details», said Nina Sevastyanova, an official of FCSR. 

According to the reports, the crime may indeed have something to do with the conflict between FCSR and MSM-5. Obid Yasinov's MSM-5 coaxed Petr Ivanov's FCSR into ceding the Kutuzovskaya Milya development project (housing area). On 5 May 2011 FCSR refused to cede the contract. On 23 May Kirill Meshcheryakov threatened Ivanov, inducing him to cede the residential complex to the competitor. On 24 May Ivanov survived tha attempt on his life.     

On 6 July, unknown assailants attacked the car of Kirill Meshcheryakov and his wife Natalya Barshevskaya. The incident took place at the junction of Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Street and Barrikadnaya Street. The assailants, shooting from the traumatic pistol, attacked the car and after that disappeared. The police thought that the shooting had took place in the result of the conflict between drivers. But Meshcheryakov and Barshchevskaya believe the assault had been planned and was linked to Kirill Meshcheryakov's busimess affairs.

On 26 August Moscow's Tverskoy Court ruled to arrest Yasinov Jr. Within a few days the investigators is expected to bring in the indictment against Parviz Yasinov.