Russian president Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on Monday, dismissing finance minister Aleksei Kudrin. The president had stated his reasons clearly, Medvedev’s spokeswoman Natalya Timakova said. “If you disagree with the policy of the president, and the government carries out my policy, you should do one thing, and you know what you should do. You should resign,” Medvedev said, speaking at the meeting of the State Сommittee for Modernization and Development of Technology in Russia, where Kudrin was also present.

While on business in the USA Kudrin earlier said that he would not carry on working in the government if Dmitry Medvedev became the prime minister in March 2012, admitting disagreements with Medvedev on such issues, as military budget and deficit of the state pension fund.

“It is inappropriate for a minister to make such statements publicly in the USA. This has no justification,” Medvedev said. He pressed on Kudrin to ‘reply right here’. “Either you have no disagreements and you make comments appropriate for such occasion, or you disagree with the policy of the government and you have no choice but to resign however displeasing it may be,” Medvedev said, stressing he would stop the officials making statements about their disagreements with the policy of the government.

“I have to cut shot any irresponsible jabber. All the way through May the seventh of the next year I have power to make any decisions I consider necessary. I hope, it is clear to everyone,” Medvedev said.

Later on the text of the decree on Kudrin’s resignation appeared on the Kremlin’s webpage, as well as the transcript of the meeting.

Kudrin did not submit a resignation letter, Russian Mafia ( reported. With accordance to the proceedings, current prime minister Vladimir Putin reported to the president he wanted to dismiss Kudrin.