A suspect in the Moscow region illegal casino chain case has lodged a complaint against decisions of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and his deputy Viktor Grin. Vladimir Glebov, former prosecutor of Noginsk, 34 km from Moscow, asks judges to overturn the resolution of the Prosecutor General’s office, which for the second time has not given its official approval for the indictment.     

The rationale behind the Prosecutor General’s decision was “discrepancies in the evidence”, gathered by the police. Besides that, the draft of the indictment includes “insufficient evidence”, as well as unreliable technical expert examination, the prosecutors claim.

 The defense sees no discrepancies in the evidence. Glebov is quoted by Russian Mafia (rumafia.com) as saying that the investigators described the actual events and that the indictment does not falsify the facts. The evidence is enough for indictment, Glebov said. Speaking before the Court of Tver, he said that he had been aware of the illegal gambling spot, located in the former By the Fountain café in Tretyego Internatsionala Street, which was owned by Ivan Nazarov. Former prosecutor confessed to the court that despite he had known about the casino, he had not taken measures to stop the criminal activity. Glebov also said, he had known about the conspiracy between businessman Nazarov and former first deputy chief prosecutor of the Moscow region Aleksandr Ignatenko, who is wanted by the police. Glebov told the court that following the Ignatenko’s orders he had helped the casino to avoid police raids by ringing up Ivan Volkov, Nazarov’s associate, before the operations.

The prosecutors did not give their approval for the indictment and returned it to the Russia’s Investigative Committee for redrafting. Glebov is suspected of abusing his power. The charges against him were part of the case of prosecutors, accused of protecting underground casino chain. Now when Glebov’s case has been singled out, the investigators agree to bring it before the court as it is.

When asked why he wanted his case process hastened, the former prosecutor said that during previous months he suffered from psycological tention and wanted to “get the whole thing over with”.