The case on which the investigation is going to interrogate Yuri Luzhkov was initiated by Moscow police Main Investigation Department in December 2010 and currently involves as defendants Andrey Borodin, the former president of Bank of Moscow, and Dmitry Akulinin, his deputy. The case investigates a transaction concluded in June 2009 that is related to the sale of 58 hectares of land belonging to TD Ramenskoye, a subsidiary of Inteko owned by Elena Baturina.  This land was sold to a little-known company Premier Estate for 12.7 billion rubles taken out as a loan from the Bank of Moscow. According to investigators, the money, loaned from the bank controlled by Moscow government, ended up on Baturina’s account.

According to The Russian Mafia web-site (, Luzhkov considers the future interrogations to be politically motivated. Luzhkov addressed Henry Reznik, president of Moscow Chamber of Attorneys, for legal assistance.

Reznik confirmed agreeing to assist Luzhkov, but added that he would be able to meet with Interior Ministry investigators “not earlier than in the second half of November this year.” “I will get in touch with the investigator and schedule the meeting, because soon I have to leave as I have been invited abroad to give lectures,” said Reznik. “As soon as Yuri Mikhailovich  and I have time, we will meet with the investigator”