Moscow police investigators have questioned Andrey Khorev, former first deputy head of the Department of Economic Security (DES), on charges of illegal possession of a Lefaucheux revolver that was found in a luxury apartment and was a gift to his father by a person involved in cases of bribery. The General argues that the gun can not be used for criminal purposes since it is a collectible antique gun.

Police department of the Central District of Moscow has held a questioning of Andrey Khorev, the dismissed Major-General of the Ministry of the Interior. Police investigators instituted a criminal case under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal possession of weapons) due to the fact that in the apartment number 31 in the elite residential complex Dom na Smolenskaya Embankment on Maly Novopeskovsky Pereulok they found an unregistered Lefaucheux gun manufactured in 1854 and four pin-fire cartridges. This apartment is a gift to the General's father, the military academy instructor Victor Khorev, by Anastasia Kagan, the wife of Maksim Kagan, a former Interior Ministry official who was involved in a high-profile case of extortion and bribery. The apartment has not been registered as property of Khorev, Sr., and is used by his son by proxy from Anastasia Kagan. It was his data that the police found in the visitor's book of the residential complex. Inside the apartment the police found only property belonging to the General.

According to the Russian Mafia website (, during the interrogation Major-General said he saw nothing criminal in the fact that his father had been presented an elite apartment. According to him, Anastasia Kagan thanked his father, who had helped her to defend her Ph.D. research and became her mentor in her work with securities. It is this version that was earlier voiced by Maksim Kagan, who is now wanted. However, it is reported that in 2008-2010 Kagan earned a total of about 20 million rubles. After paying taxes he could not have enough funds left to purchase the apartment the market value of which was over $ 2 million. When it was given to the Khorevs, the apartment had been altered and redecorated.

Sources say that Andrey Khorev asked to consider the found revolver not as weapons but as antiques. Ostensibly the revolver can not even be used to shoot, otherwise it may fall apart. He also said he did not consider the discovery of the gun to be grounds for criminal prosecution. Investigator did not bring forward any charges against the General.