Victims have appeared in the high-profile criminal case of fraud, where the name of head of the Main Directorate for Investigations of the Moscow police (GSU GU MVD) featured.

These are businessmen Alexey Tsarkov and Boris Yudin, who testified that in November 2009, they had paid Maxim Kagansky, "on MVD problem- solver”, $ 200,000 for arranging their meeting with Mr. Glukhov , whom they had intended to ask to close a proceeding criminal case against them. In total, the victims gave $ 800,000 to Kagansky.

After two days of questioning of businessman Alexey Tsarkov, the staff of Moscow Central Investigation Department of SKR (Investigative Committee of Russia) recognized him and his partner Boris Yudin victims of a high-profile criminal case of fraud. Alexey Kirsanov, Mr. Tsarkov’ lawyer, said that his client, permanently residing abroad, had specially arrived in Moscow for investigatory actions.

Investigators believe that three years ago the partners gave $ 800,000 to Maxim Kagansky, who promised them to cancel the claims of tax authorities at a rate of about 20 million rubles to Medkor-2000 company and to close the criminal case which had been instituted. In autumn 2009, as the businessmen say, Kazansky said that he urgently needed a deposit of $ 200,000. In return, he promised to arrange a meeting with the head of GSU Ivan Glukhov. The businessmen gave him the required amount.

In November 2009, Boris Yudin made an appointment with Mr. Glukhov and stated his request. After that conversation, the businessman handed Kagansky the remaining $ 600,000. A few months later the criminal case against Medkor’ co-owners was dropped “for absence of the event of a crime”.

However, a few months later the tax office wrote-off  the previously accrued amount of arrears from the accounts of Tsarkov and Yudin’ company. The businessmen realized that Maxim Kagansky had deceived them. However, according to lawyer Kirsanov, Kagansky in response to the claims dropped that they “must rejoice to closing of the criminal case". Then he stopped responding to the calls.

In the end of June, Moscow Investigative Committee Department has initiated a criminal case under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (large-scale fraud) against Kagansky and «other unidentified persons». Note that Kagansky is already under investigation for another criminal case of attempted fraud. In that case, the “problem-solver” demanded $ 3 million from the same Boris Yudin and Alexey Tsarkov for Nelly Dmitrieva, GSU investigator, who led the case on smuggling against the businessmen.