Ksenia Sobchak demanded through the court for return of her money taken away by the investigators. On the eve of the March of Millions on June 12, the Investigative Committee searched her apartment in connection with the May 6 opposition rally, although she hadn’t been at Bolotnaya at the time of the police-opposition clashes.
Her lawyer Henry Reznik said: "We have filed a complaint about the illegal actions of the investigation of the seizure and retention of Xenia’s money. The court, in violation of the order, instead of appointing a hearing within five days after treatment, appointed the proceedings on August, 8. We appealed against the date to the court chairman because he is obliged to ensure that cases are dealt with in the term established by law."

The lawyer added that the money that had been illegally seized must be returned. "We’re going to look into it to the max. We may even bring people who have broken the law to justice. We think about it," - Resnick concluded. According to him, at first, the judge appointed a meeting "in secret" from the protection on July 6. After the plaintiff party hadn’t attended, the consideration was postponed on August 8.

The searches of number opposition leaders, including Xenia Sobchak, were held on June 11. The investigators found in her safe about 1.4 million euros. The money was placed in more than one hundred envelopes. After that, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation says that, a tax inspection has been started in respect of Sobchak. It will be tested in the inspection whether she paid taxes on the amounts detected. Sobchak’ protection insists that such a check in the framework of the investigation of the riots is illegal. Sobchak itself said more than once that she could store money as she wanted.

Recently, Sobchak has been actively involved in the opposition actions. Among other things, she was penalized for holding an unsanctioned rally. On the case of the riots at the Bolotnaya, 12 people have been arrested. Another defendant and one suspect are under house arrest.