Yesterday one of the offices of the corporation Mirax Group had been searched for several hours. Investigators of the capital police department seized documents relating, in their opinion, to the case of unsanctioned seizure of power to more than 4 million rubles from the residents of elite complex “Golden Keys". According to the investigators, these offenses had been committed by the member companies of the Mirax Group. Representatives of the corporation treated the searches as "an unusual April Fool's Day joke."

Detectives of the Main Investigations Directorate (MID) at the Moscow police department and operatives of the Department of Economic Security (DEB), the MIA of Russia (specializing in combating legalization of criminal incomes and undermining the economic basis of criminal groups) presented the Director General of the Corporation - Sergey Polonsky a decree for the search, after which the detectives asked the office staff to leave their jobs, leaving all the documentation as well. During the search, which lasted several hours, investigators seized various financial documents, which they believe may be relevant to the criminal case N 255863, from September last year; it is still in the production of the MID.

Official representative of Information and Public Relations in Main Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow, Olga Dumalkina explained that during yesterday's raids various documents were seized related to the creation and financial performance of companies ZAO «Mirax Space» and OOO «Marine Consulting», members of the corporation Mirax.

During the investigation of the case, said Ms. Dumalkina, it was found out that in 2006, the former chairman of Condominium Partnership of the elite housing complex "Golden Keys" Maxim Privezentsev (at that time he also served as chairman of the Mirax Group) used his official position to perform an unauthorized connection to the main switchboard of the Condominium Partnership. They did not pay for that power gained According to the calculations of investigators, the Condominium Partnership was damaged in excess of 4.1 million rubles. Mr. Privezentsev was charged under Part 3. 165"On causing property damage in a large scale ", Olga Dumalkina said. In addition, the representative of the MIAD stressed, during the investigation it was found out that the defendant had been involved in both companies which appeared in the criminal case. It is noteworthy that Mr. Privezentsev left the Mirax Group a few months ago. Now he is under recognizance not to leave. Yesterday, Privezentsev was unavailable for commenting.

Mirax Group is in a severe debt situation - now the company's debts amount to $ 550 million, $ 121 million of which expired last year. The company owes the holders of debt securities ( CLN bonds) about $ 300 million, while to the structures of Alfa Group - about $ 99 million