"Katz has always offered to surrender, offering to surrender, offering surrender ..."

(Quote from the film "On Deribasovskaya good weather or on Brighton Beach Raining Again")

In anticipation of retirement

The new head of "Russian Railways" (RZD) Oleg Belozerov continues to "smooth out" of the state corporation "henchmen" of the former head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. After retirement sent the head of the Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern Railway, a subsidiary of Russian Railways) Mikhail Zaichenko, there were rumors that soon "the railway departments" would leave the vice-president of Russian Railways for the development of the Moscow transport hub Peter Katsyv.

Mr. Katsyv passed "under the wing Yakunin" in October 2014. Prior to that, Peter Katsyv worked in various positions in the administration of the Moscow region. In particular, from 2000 to 2012 he was Minister of Transport of the Moscow region, and from 2012 to 2013 served as the head of the Main Department of the Moscow region for cooperation with the federal authorities.

Experts say that is implicated in a series of corruption scandals Katsyv joined the Railways in the hope that it will leave alone the security forces. It is possible that when Yakunin investigators did not touch the former Minister of the Moscow Region. But the head of the Russian Railways have changed and lost its reliable Katsyv "federal roof".

Return Kuznetsova

However, not only dismissal Yakunin is a threat to Katsyv. Rumor has it that the Vice-President of Russian Railways seriously fears returning to Russia, the former First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance of the Moscow region Alexei Kuznetsov, which is soon to be extradited from France.

Recall that the July 5, 2013, Kuznetsov was arrested on the French Riviera. The courts have already decided to extradite him to Russia. Now the decision of the Government of France. Perhaps the French authorities sent the former minister of the Moscow Region in the Russian Federation until the end of 2015.

Russian security officials accused Alexei Kuznetsov and his ex-wife Janna Bullock (Bulakh) in bringing assets abroad.

According to investigators, from November 2005 to November 2008 organized by the group led by Kuznetsov deception bought a number of utilities the right to claim debts to municipalities near Moscow worth over 3.5 billion rubles.

In addition, members of the criminal group stole property worth 7.2 billion rubles, owned by JSC "Mosobltransinvest."

Contact Katsyv

According to experts, the vice-president of Russian Railways, Peter Katsyv during his tenure as Minister of Transport of the Moscow region was involved in the machinations of Alexei Kuznetsov and his suprugi.V media there is evidence that the relationship with Katsyv "laundry" by "RIGroup" controlled Kuznetsov, can be traced through the battery "Moscow Mortgage Bank."

Alexei Kuznetsov, a former Finance Minister of the Moscow Region

The fact is that in LLC "Construction Company" Spetsstroy 2 "Peter Katsyv actually was one of the founders of the Bank" Moscow Mortgage Bank ", through which injected money Kuznetsov.

Another co-founder of the bank through the "RIGroup" was Janna Bullock. This gives reason to believe that Katsyv could be a business partner of his wife of ex-finance minister suburbs.

On this fact may draw the attention of the security forces to be interrogated Alexey Kuznetsov after his return to his homeland.

When the former head of the Moscow Region Ministry of Finance will tell you that the ex-Minister of Transport of the Moscow region also withdraw money from the budget, instead of the well-deserved retirement Katsyv go straight under investigation.

"Ministerial" assets

It seems that as long as the current vice-president of Russian Railways Moscow region was official, he was able to build its own pretty impressive "portfolio."

For example, the media have reported that Peter Katsyv was one of the founders of the company "Inter-Business" (TIN 7707101366). At the same time he also worked as minister of transport, so that he had no right to own any business. In fact, Katsyv committed a flagrant violation of the law on civil service.

The only activity and obtain a source of income of ZAO "Inter-Business" is renting premises at the address: ul. Color Boulevard,. 21, p. 8. And after all what a coincidence.

It was in this building is the office SUO "Mostransavto", which for a long time was in charge of all the same Peter Katsyv as minister of transport in the region. And it is not only room Gupalo. Officially, the company is registered at the address: Khimki, ul. Proletarian, 18.

Founders of ZAO "Inter-Business". The scheme is taken from the blog "A marmots against"

By the way, company "Inavto" (TIN 5042012705) belonging Katsyv Jr. (which Katsyv Sr. also once marked it as a founder), has become one of the main suppliers of motor vehicles "Mostransavto."

Besides Denis Katsyv listed founder of several companies registered in Moscow or Moscow region and specialize mostly in the haulage and transport services.

He owns 30% of "Inavto", 30% in the company "Mega-trans" (service vehicles) and 35% in the "Global Trans Logistics" (trucking).

The court in the United States

However, the family has assets Katsyv not only in Russia but also in other countries. For example, in the United States.

As the 10 August 2015, the Federal Court in New York dismissed the statement of the company Denis Katsyv the "baseless suspicions of US authorities that they were involved in laundering the stolen money from the budget of the Russian Federation"

Peter Katsyv, vice-president of Russian Railways

US authorities require to confiscate the assets of structures affiliated with the Cyprus Prevezon Holdings Limited, whose sole shareholder is Denis Katsyv and fined Ferencoi Investments Ltd and Kolevins Ltd, registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which allegedly also involved in the scheme of money laundering .

In "track Magnitsky"

US security officials suspected of commercial structures controlled Katsyv Jr., of money stolen from the Russian budget $ 230 million.

The story began back in September 2013, when the US prosecutors filed for forfeiture of assets within the so-called "Magnitsky case." In the United States believe that the stolen money from the Russian budget, which claimed the auditor Sergei Magnitsky were washed, in particular through the acquisition of real estate in New York.

American prosecutors suspected of involvement in the structures affiliated with the Cypriot company Prevezon Holdings Limited. It is believed that through this company Katsyv Jr. bought objects expensive real estate in the fashionable district of Manhattan.

Previously, the value of seized assets estimated at about $ 24 million.

Nakhodka US Attorney

US Attorney Preet Bharara able to figure out that money Katsyv located on the bank account of the company Prevezon Seven USA LLC at Bank of America were transferred to the Bank of Cyprus in the name of Kolevins (according to experts, it is also controlled Katsyv).

Thus, the prosecutor Bharara actually proved that after filing a claim for forfeiture in court in New York, one of the companies Katsyv Denis tried to withdraw $ 300 thousand. Cyprus, and this automatically means that the son of former transport minister has blatantly violated US law.

Denis Katsyv, son of Vice President of RZD

Also, the prosecutor Preet Bharara Katsyv Denis had caught and that he is the owner of companies Martash Holdings and Ferencoi, is also implicated in a financial scandal with the withdrawal of assets. It is through these businesses and passed the conclusion of stolen Finance.

It should be noted in the trial in New York, the son of ex-Minister of Transport of Moscow Region had to confirm under oath that he has Martash Holdings.

Example output means

In order to understand how the company Katsyv Jr. withdrawn finances can recall the story of how in February 2008, two little-known Moldovan companies (obviously, "shell") was transferred to the account of Prevezon very impressive amount of $ 410 thousand and 447 thousand dollars. Rumor has it that the money was originally derived from the budget of the Russian Federation, and then translated into dollars.

A year later controlled Katsyv Prevezon company acquired for $ 2 million two condominium building on Pine Street in Manhattan, New York. In the end, the money had been "transferred" to the property.

That's how "easy and simple" looks one of the circuits on which the finances of the institutions of the Russian Federation Denis Katsyv "pumped" into the United States.

In the European Union drew attention to the Katsyv

On fraud Katsyv family has turned their attention not only to the authorities of the Russian Federation and the United States, but also predstatel European Union. This is stated in a special report with the working title "Prohibition of impunity for the killers of Sergei Magnitsky," which is prepared in the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE Russian translation of the report)

"We find there was another" money trail "leading from the tax refund paid by Hermitage to the Russian treasury, through the stolen company Hermitage (« Parfenion "," Ryland "and" Swallowtail ") and many other" transfer stations ", including those in Moldova on account of the bank UBS in Zurich in favor of the Cypriot company owned by Mr. Denis Katsyv, son of the former Minister of Transport and the vice-governor of the Moscow region Katsyv Peter and Mr. Litvak (Business Partner family Katsyv - Ed.) " - it said in the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

PACE Report mentioning the withdrawal of Finance Denis Katsyv. Document taken from the blog "A marmots against." Used materials Site "DMP"

Driving Finance Katsyv output through a chain of "shell companies". The scheme is taken from the blog "A marmots against."

It is not difficult to guess that in the chain of front companies are exactly Katsyv. With this agreement and the representatives of the PACE and the US prosecutors. It seems that now the story of the "pumping Finance" through Prevezon, Martash and other companies Katsyv worth checking Russian security officials.

Trying to "substitute" Crete

The proceedings in the case of firms Denis Katsyv showed how the son of the vice-president of Russian Railways was "resourceful schemers."

Timothy Crete formal former owner of some assets owned by Denis Katsyv

The US court representatives Katsyv "foaming at the mouth" to prove that all illegal payments were transferred to the Previzon, when the company belonged to the young Russian businessman Timothy Crete, who also served as CEO. He also directed and formally mentioned above Kolevins.

However, reporters found that, in fact Timothy Crete - a former teacher of state budgetary educational institution of Moscow "Center for Curative Education and differentiated instruction" Revival "." Earlier Crete earned tutoring.

Most likely, Katsyv Jr. was just trying to "dump" all the blame on Crete, using it as a "frontman".

But this focus "is not a ride." US prosecutors said representatives Katsyv not believe.

Consequently expects Katsyv

In addition to the countries of the Russian Federation, the EU and the US family Katsyv "lit up" in the scandal in Israel is reminded of the story, when Peter Katsyv being near Moscow official, translated into tens of millions of dollars a son, kept in the Israeli bank Hapoalim.

Once the account found in Katsyv Hapoalim, this financial fraud was the subject of criminal proceedings in Israel.

On Katsyv once again fell suspicion of "laundering" money. However, they paid the Israeli side of "compensation" and the investigation stopped.

However, soon Peter and Denis Katsyv, apparently, have to communicate with Russian investigators. Experts believe that the security forces might be interested in "Katsyv case" as soon as Alexei Kuznetsov will be returned to their homeland.

It seems that now the vice-president of Russian Railways for the development of the Moscow transport hub at risk of losing not only his position, but also freedom.