How Podolsk OCG killed oligarch Mineev

RuMafia followed the investigation of the murder of Mineev for a long time and now, when the suit over some defendants in this big story is approaching, RuMafia decided to analyze some of the facts and try to answer the main question: who benefited from the murder of Mineev and who as a result may suffer punishment for it?

So, it is correct to start understanding of the key issue, from who Mineev was in  general to all the real estate, which he was credited, and because of which, according to investigators, he was killed? There is no doubt that Mineev at the beginning of the 90s, earned a lot of money on popular at the time trade mark "Party" and "Dominoes" and put profit in purchase of  real estate in Moscow.

However, the business of selling appliances and electronics in the 2000s was far from business 90s. It could no longer bring super-profits, and there were many competitors. Mineev’s Companies worked on the basis of receiving of goods for further realisation, followed by payments to suppliers. This mechanism accumulated a large debt to suppliers and customs brokers. Moreover, a business moto of  Mineev was never make timely payment of debts.

By 2006, Mineev’s company accumulated debt of several million dollars to the largest suppliers of electronics Samsung, Philips, and a number of companies providing customs services. Besides this, Mineev had credits opened in several banks.

Believing it impossible to pay the debts, Mineev decides to sell the business and move to permanent residence in the United Kingdom, where he bought some expensive real estate - apartments, houses. Of course, Mineev did not want to abandon all earned so hard completely and came up with a scheme to transfer all assets to one of his partners in the hope to wait out the active efforts of creditors to recover their funds in London and then maybe come back and try to get it all back.

Thus the offshore business structure was made, described in detail in the media. Legally, all the properties were sold to new owners, which in turn were owned by foreign companies. Contrary to the claims of the investigating authorities, and their submission, and many media, Mineev was not even the ultimate beneficiary of these foreign companies. Not the last role was played by his ambitious ex-wife, who for her friend’s money started a large-scale trial in London for the division of property with Mineev.

According to the official version, the story with the seizure began with the appearance of Boris Khamitov (now Boris Karamatov and earlier Narviz Makhmudov) in  the management company "Eurasia". The story of this man is not fully understood. In the police databases there is virtually absence of any information, or criminal record, or property, or even traffic police fines or other administrative penalties for this man, but the story of obtaining the passport raises questions. One gets the impression that the citizen of Uzbekistan illegally received his first passport in Russia and began to confuse tracks, changing the name and the surname mot once.

However, Boris Karamatov played the role of an embedded agent who after getting the trust, introduced three agents to the management company: Bogolyubskaya Catherine, Ulyana Vishneva and Sergei Markelov, each of whom has played his  role in the seizure of 21 items of  property.

As for the murder of Mineev, here our point of view differs from the official, according to which the killing was ordered by businessmen Nekrich and Schuppe, fearing arbitration proceedings initiated at the request of Mineev lawyers.

The fact is that "neutralization" of Mineev made sense only until the time when the nominee director of foreign companies, which are the founders of property owners, Yulia Egorova was bribed by lawyers of Nekrich. And it happened in the New Year holidays at the beginning of January 2014. Then Egorova received from lawyer Leskovskiy (former Deputy Attorney of Izmailovsky District in Moscow who  had the reputation among prosecutors, the  man who loved to invite delinquent male staff to the bath) 15 000 0000 rubles for the rejection of arbitration claims and acceptance of all the illegal transactions for the disposal of shares in the authorized capital. From that moment, we consider any Mineev’s attempts to regain control of companies were doomed to failure and, consequently, to draw attention to the seizure by his murder was extremely unwise and "unprofessional."


Is fecit cui prodest! (Lat.) - He did, who benefits from it!


We need to judge the murder of  Mineev from a position of this famous aphorism. It's enough to analyze only certain facts that went unnoticed (intentionally or not) in official investigation. So, one of the defendants in the case Taranin, nominee director of 4 foreign companies, which subsequently by fiddling with the constituent documents will be the only members of 18 Russian LLC (owners of property), at the request Kurylenko, went to the management company "Eurasia" to get a job. He did not get the job, but he met with a lawyer Markelov, who invited him to become a nominee director of companies-invaders "Luneri Holding Ltd.", "Glovart Consulting Co., Ltd.", "Pointreyd Group Co., Ltd.", "Klodvell Services Ltd." and a few days later invited him in described in detail the main office (the company Styness, which belongs to Lalakinu Maxim Sergeyevich) where Taranin together with the same lawyer signed the documents in a foreign language. This "lawyer" - Sergey Markelov, born in 1985, trialed in 2009 for the theft of the vehicle. This man was actually an agent of Lalakina M.S., the son of a criminal leader - the head of the Podolsk organized crime groups, known by the nickname "luchok."

On the day of the murder of Mineev, Egorova said Tarasov by the phone that she refuses to lawsuits because she is feared for her life. An important point here is: Egorova has already renounced the claims, but she only reported to Tarasov about the intention to do so. It can only talk about the fact that no Egorova, nor Kaziev nor Leskov knew about upcoming murder of Mineev, and therefore, Nekrich, whom the investigation is currently considered the main suspect, was not likely to know about it. Moreover, having received waivers of claims from Egorova, Nekrich and his team of lawyers had no need to kill Mineev as a victory in the courts was, you might say, in his pocket. Consequently, Nekrich did not need the killing of Mineev, and someone from the dedicated to their plan members of the criminal group, who was loosing something on the arrangements Egorova and Nekrich and for whom it was  necessary to turn the situation around 180 degrees. That man could only be Lalakin!

The question arises, why he appeared at all in this case. It's simple! From the outset he indirectly monitored the situation through his trusted lawyer Sergei Bogolyubsky, who Nekrich had the imprudence to attract for developing schemes of the seizure of the business. Bogolyubsky and his friend Viacheslav Efimenko has long and densely serve the interests of Podolsk OPG analogous methods. These assets are high-profile cases as the raider grabs a complex of buildings located at: Ul. 2nd Backbone, Building 10, str.1-4, LLC "Optima", located at the address: Ul. Trofimova d.2 / 1, as well as fraud with property ZAO KB "ICT-LOO" and LLC "Generator" (Moscow street. Neverovsky d. 9), the acquisition of the business center "Academic" (Moscow, Prospect 60 years of October Str. 9, p. 2), and others.

Thus, it turns out that Nekrich and Schuppe were  just used for their money to implement into raider seizure, and then they were no longer needed, and Lalakin came up to do what he did the last 20 years and that he could do very well. Murder Mineev! The calculation was very correct. Bogolyubsky came and gave up, saying that he was allegedly misled by Nekrich and Schuppe. Expanding their involvement in the capture, and it automatically created the preconditions for suspecting them of murder, completely undoing any attempt to somehow qualify for the results of the  theft, which were taken by Lalakin.