One of the main topics for discussion in the business community in recent months - is the resignation of the head of "Vnesheconombank" Vladimir Dmitriev and the "planting" of the former director of the department (VEB) Ilgiz Valitov. Both events took place on the orders of the head of the State Vladimir Putin, which was forced to deal with the "dark" illegal businesses of VEB top managers personally. And now, bankers and businessmen are wondering, if everything will cost to Dmitriev only with resignation or he will go after Valitov.

Several sources of described how events were unfolding. On the state program, started on the order of Putin, at the direction of food security the active role was assigned to state-owned banks, including Vnesheconombank. With lending or direct foreclosure, they were to receive shares in the enterprises, engaged in production of meat, vegetables and so on. Among others, Ilgiz Valitov was engaged in it in Vnesheconombank. VEB was the largest creditor of the company for the production of turkey "Eurodon". As a result, 40% of the company moved to the State Bank. With full approval of Dmitriev, Valitov formed this share not on the state bank but on an offshore company Brimstone Investments, which was owned by a close friend of Valitov and a good familiar of Dmitriev - former Minister of Property Relations, and currently a member of the "Gazprom" Board of Directors Farit Gazizullin. After the share of "Eurodon", received from the government funds, "lied down" in the offshore, senior managers of VEB and Gazizullin decided to sell it.

They didn't take into account only one thing. Other co-owners of "Eurodon" were native of North Ossetia Vadim Vaneev (45) and the world-famous conductor Valery Gergiev (15). Moreover, according to some data, it is exactly the latter is the real owner of the main stake in the "Eurodon". Gergiev has long been on friendly terms with President Vladimir Putin.

As described sources, conductor personally called the head of the state and asked him to intervene. They say, Putin, to put it mildly, was not very happy with the fact that in severe foreign policy situation, he must also deal with the fate of the poultry farm. Despite this, the President instructed to study the situation and report back to him. As a result, soon on the table of Putin laid down a detailed report on the situation in the VEB. It followed from it that the share in Eurodon is not the only asset that was received on the state funds, should belong to the state, but appeared at a foreign firm. VEB management issued a significant portion of the assets on offshore companies, some of which at all wasn't related to the bank itself, and was controlled by people, connected with his top managers.

Several personal Putin's orders have followed after this. According to them, Dmitriev was dismissed, a criminal case was initiated against Valitov, and he went to jail, 40% share of "Eurodon" returned to the state.

However, the story has not ended. Firstly, in the case against Valitov, his friend Gazizullin and his boss Dmitriev are "under attack". Secondly, now goes the audit of VEB cases in recent years, which may completely lead to appearance of new investigations. As the result, extremely difficult situation has developed around Dmitriev.