"Reshalschik" for Warsaw

Difficult times have come for a former State Duma deputy Vadim Varshavsky, the controlling group "Estar". At the end of March 2016 it became known that at the Warsaw "ganged up" representatives of Rostekhnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor and the Government of the Rostov region.

The media said that they need to call for Mr responsibility of Warsaw, whose plant malicious way violates the rights of residents of the Rostov region to a safe environment. As it turned out, the locals and officials unhappy with malodorous emissions Rostov electro-metallurgical plant (REMZ), which monitors Warsaw.

As a result, in the Rostov region, and Moscow held protest rallies in which citizens were outraged by the activities of the Warsaw lord, and he himself began to suspect a deliberate destabilization of the political situation. The case immediately took a serious turn, and the owner of "ESTAR", rumored to have got into the field of view of law enforcement agencies.

Of course, against the backdrop of mass protests and discontent officials in Warsaw had serious problems with the banking community. In particular, financial institutions began to refuse structures "ESTAR" in the credits.

However, it seems that Warsaw got a lobbyist for the banking sector. In particular, the media said that the representative Vadim Varshavsky in the banking community is Timothy (Teimuraz) Kurgin (archive link) - a former boxer, I went to the brothers Ananiev controlling "Promsvyazbank".

In fact, Mr. Kurgin plays the role of "reshalschika" in Warsaw. By the way, Mr. Kurgina quite developed "persuasion", as he had previously engaged in professional boxing and in the "dashing 90's" use "of force" to solve their problems.

Boxing, as the "roof for business"

Timothy Kurgin, in certain circles, formerly known as "Teimuraz" (or Timur) has great connections in the sports circles.

In particular, the co-founder Timothy Kurgin 'Boxing Academy. " It is known that in December 2015 Kurgin was the organizer of the event, when the legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather open workout arranged directly in the concert hall "Russia".

An important fact is the fact that the organization of this event was attended by "Russian Timber Group", which is a shareholder Kurgin and state corporation "Rostec".

Experts have long said that Timothy Kurgin uses sports (especially boxing) as a "subsidiary means" to build their own business. In fact, for the same purpose he used a visit to Moscow and Floyd Mayweather.

Moreover, Kurgin even want to involve the American boxer in the business. In any case, in February 2016 it was reported that Floyd Mayweather could become co-owner of a network of wholesale and distribution centers (CRC) "Four Seasons", owned by Timothy Kurgin and Ananiev brothers, and eventually become their partner even in the forestry business.

Journalists wrote that Mayweather is going to buy 10-25% of the "Four Seasons" for $ 20-50 million, based on the valuation of an asset of $ 200 million.

Relations with top managers of state corporations

Experts believe that Timothy Kurgin can use the "Academy of boxing" as a way to develop relationships with government officials and top managers of state-owned companies.

It is known, for example, that in the "Academy" practicing member of Gazprombank's board of directors Andrey Montenegro and the director general of the state joint-stock company "Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" Alexander Braverman (archive link), which was previously a long time was the CEO of the Federal Fund for Housing Development construction.

In addition, the management of "Rostec" headed by Sergei Chemezov, a positive attitude to the initiatives 'Boxing Academy' time this corporation supported the event with Mayweather, who organized Kurgin.

Experts say that Kurgin got a lot of useful links is through boxing, which has increased its quality as a lobbyist and "reshalschika" (in the case of Warsaw).

Business Empire

Timothy Kurgin has long been a business partner of the owners of "Promsvyazbank". In Kurgina Ananyev and wood processing have a joint business - is holding "Russian Timber Group" (LRH), combining two plants in Irkutsk region a total capacity of 2.2 million cubic meters. per year. Annual revenue is approximately 10-11 billion rubles, and profitability on EBITDA -. 25%.

According to recent reports, LRH plans to acquire three more assets in the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territories.


In addition (as mentioned above) and Kurgin Ananiev own two wholesale distribution centers (CRC) long-term storage of food in the Moscow region with the capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORC and are called "Four Seasons."

These ORC are on the balance of LLC "Finans Invest." This company is owned by three shareholders: by 47.17% in Cyprus Iontis Investments and Contirta Holding, another 5.66% in Russian "Terra Invest".

All three of the owner "Invest Finance" owned by another Cypriot company Jakardis Holdings, which, in turn, owns Saltinnes with the British Virgin Islands. Kurgin Timothy says that "The Four Seasons" on a parity basis, belong to him and "Promsvyazkapitalu" Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. On a number of informational resources Kurgin Set as General Director of "Invest Finance".

And Timothy Kurgin is a shareholder "Mosselprom-Domodedovo". In February 2014 Ananiev with Kurgin purchased from OFK Bank structures the company "Finansinvest", which managed to build on the site near Moscow, in 19 hectares of two warehouse complex is 43 000 sq. m. The new owners have registered for the project management company "Mosselprom-Domodedovo" and increased the land area to 30 hectares.

Participation in the murder of State Duma deputy

Now Timothy Kurgin known as an influential businessman, "one banker" and "timber tycoon," but in the "dashing 90's," he was a frequent defendant in criminal news. Mr. Kurgin even won a mention in the documentary series "Criminal Russia", which came out on the NTV channel and told about the most high-profile criminal cases 90.

However, in those years, friends, or rather accomplices, named Timothy Kurgina or "Teimuraz" or Tamerlane. So, "Teimuraz" Kurgin "lit up" in a scandal related to the murder in 1995 of the State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkina.

Recall that Sergei Skorochkina kidnapped in one of the bars near Moscow Zaraysk and killed on the night of February 2, 1995. The investigation of the case took Mosoblprokuratury which employees found out that Sergey Skorochkin killed in a conflict with his business partner Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneur Nikolai Lopukhov.

According to investigators, in 1994 deputy Skorochkin sold merchant Lopukhov distillery. But then I decided that Mr. Lopukhov underpaid him $ 380 thousand., And began to demand the return of the debt.

Then Mr. Lopukhov turned for help to his friend "authoritative" businessman Oleg Lipkin. It was he, according to the investigation, the abduction and murder of the deputy. It fulfills the same crime, according to the investigation, Teimuraz Kurgin Alexey Evseev Sergey Zorin Victor Moskalev.

How to kill and get away from responsibility?

According to media reports, Mosolbsud November 29, 1998 sentenced the accused in the murder of Oleg Lipkin and Teimuraz Kurgina to 5.5 and 4.5 years in prison. Both were found guilty in the kidnapping of the deputy.

However, the jury found that Lipkin and Kurgin not kill Skorochkina. Simultaneously, the jury justified Nikolai Lopukhov, Victor Moskalev, Sergey Zorin and Alexey Evseev, the deputy accused of kidnapping. They were released from custody in the courtroom. Then the experts began to say that Kurgina and his accomplices corny "otmazatsya".


Later, the Supreme Court, which Mosoblprokuratury filed a protest, quashed the verdict and returned the case to the Moscow Regional Court for retrial.

new, was acquitted in December 2000. Oleg Lipkin court convicted only in the use of a false identity. Again, there was talk that Lipkin and "his gang" "otmazatsya" one of the high-ranking patrons.

But the Supreme Court again quashed the judgment, granted the prosecutor's office.

Towards a new judicial review, which began in September 2002, before the court has already brought five instead of six defendants, as Teimuraz Kurgin was released from criminal responsibility "for the lapse of time."

In other words, Mr. Kurgin simply walked away from responsibility, because all shows exactly what it was he was involved in the murder of the deputy Skorochkina, and the fact that the case was closed due to the "lapse of time", says that in ultimately, no one Kurgina justified.


Due to the confusion in names (Timothy and Teimuraz Timur) for the co-owner of this scandal the president of the National Association of Timber could be forgotten if the Internet on YouTUBE would not be laid out a series of "Murder Skorochkina deputy" of the TV project "Criminal Russia".

In this video, Aleksey Yevseyev tells of involvement in the murder of Sergei Skorochkina some of Timur, a 21-minute 46-second video shows the picture of a young Timur Kurgina which explicitly makes it clear that Timur Kurgin and Timothy Kurgin - this is one and the same person. In any case, the coincidence of the photographs of persons obviously.

Kurgin_FOTO_dlja_stati.jpgTimur Kurgin, deputy murder accomplice Skorochkina (this photo is shown on the video "Criminal Russia" for 21 minutes 46 seconds via the link)


"The murder of the deputy Skorochkina" series of TV project "Criminal Russia" is taken from YouTUBE. On the 20th minute a comment begins Alexey Evseev, to learn about the role of Timur in the murder of the deputy Skorochkina.

Video with the young Timothy Kurgin taken from YouTUBE

Over time, Timothy Kurgin tried to do much to the memory of his involvement in the scandal with the murder of a parliamentarian has settled, but the fact remains. President of the National Association of Timber is quite possible suspect in the murder of the deputy of the State Duma Skorochkina committed in 1995.

Warsaw also in the case?

Rumor has it that in addition to "razrulivaniya" problems in the banking sector, and the Warsaw Kurgina interests can come together in the agro-industrial complex, where Kurgin involved in the control of a number of assets ( "Four Seasons", "Mosselprom-Domodedovo", etc.)

Vadim Varshavsky, incidentally, is also interested in investing in agriculture. For example, in Volgodonsk it for money Evonic German company trying to build a chemical plant for the production of lysine.

German partners are already showing displeasure, because Warsaw is not only not fulfilled promises on terms of construction, but also, according to rumors, damaged relations with the "Lukoil" - the only possible supplier of heat in the under construction company. So, as an agrochemical project will now be implemented by the Warsaw - is not yet clear.

"Sunset" business "ESTAR" owner

According to experts, at this point, "business empire" Vadim Varshavsky is in a crisis stage. And it's not only about the complex situation in the Rostov electro-metallurgical plant. The thing is that the owner of "ESTAR" has lost many of its businesses.

For example, in Warsaw debts Guryev Metallurgical Works (GMZ) has doubled. In 2013, GMZ loss amounted to RUB 684.6 million. When GMZ has entered the Metallurgical Holding "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky, its assets were laid structures of "Mechel" of the loan of $ 945 million. As a result, "Estar" lost GMZ. It seems that it will soon lose control of Warsaw and of its other assets.

By the way, inside the "Estar" groups often occur "dubious machinations' of debt. Take, for example, the story of "Metallplat" - modest Dagestan company that has managed to increase the debt to "Estar" to 5 billion rubles. Despite the fact that we are not talking about bills, but the real, according to "ESTAR", supply of the metal. In this case, the representatives of "Metallplata" may be suspected in the withdrawal of assets.

Also remember the "debt scandal" from Rostov mine "East". In 2012, it declared bankrupt, and the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region has entered into bankruptcy proceedings against the mine, which is then repeatedly extended.

Accounts payable of the enterprise included in the register, was then already more than 1.8 billion rubles. Last time extension to the debtor issued in mid-November 2015. Surprisingly, the mine owner Vadim Varshavsky revenues grew parallel to the sum of the debt of his enterprise. This fact is clearly hints at withdrawal of assets.

According to experts, a special talent manifested in the destruction of Warsaw. When investigators understood the role that the current at the time the State Duma deputy Warsaw has played in the fate of the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant, in their field of vision came and laid under the loan mobilization reserves, and the mass withdrawal of the released to the plant resources, and the threat of bankruptcy of the main enterprise with six thousand workers.


By the way, Warsaw already bankrupt and was even for this reason, restricted to leave. In 2009, the Warsaw property seized, and he was very limited travel abroad.

Novosibirsk Metallurgical Works and trading house "Estar", belonging to Warsaw, while the Bank of Moscow owed more than 364 million rubles, and the businessman acts as a guarantor for these loans. The district courts of Moscow and Novosibirsk sanctioned the arrest of non-residential premises owned by the Warsaw and Moscow imposed a penalty on half of its earnings in the State Duma.

It seems that the Warsaw deliberately led to the collapse of his business. Perhaps soon for "ESTAR" host will come "the day of judgment", when banks will no longer give him credit. Apparently, now even Timothy Kurgin not help Vadim Varshavsky.

Business outside the law

Moreover, in recent years the Warsaw are beginning to blame the conduct of, to put it mildly, "not exactly legitimate businesses." In particular, he was suspected in the possession of one of the underground "brothels", which was located in the heart of the capital.

This is a VIP-brothel under the guise of an exotic "Golden Dragon and K", which is lodged right in the historic building of the Club "rubber" of the plant. Journalists are directly written that the Warsaw personally supervised the brothel.

Earlier, Warsaw is often accused of raiding. Rumor has it that the owner of "ESTAR" in his time made a raider attack on the leadership of the coal mine "Steppe", which is located near the town of the Montenegrin in the Republic of Khakassia.

For the attack on the asset Warsaw drew his nephew Boris and crime boss with Dmitri Kuzbass cellular. As a result, about 40 armed men led by the cell phone and with the support of bailiffs held fast the physical seizure of the enterprise. At the same time on their hands they had received fraudulent ways illegitimate judicial acts.

The Raiders drove to the shareholders of the territory "of the Steppe", and transferred all powers Cell. He immediately appointed his deputy Boris Warsaw, and his wife - a lawyer of the company.

It is obvious that Warsaw was not used to develop their business honestly. Now his business is in serious crisis. In order to somehow stay afloat "ESTAR" host structures begin to recover debts from other holdings (for example, "Mechel").

But even so it is clear that Warsaw will not last long. Apparently, he hoped in vain that Kurgin help him to solve the problems with the banks, because he risks falling into the field of view of the security forces. It is possible that Kurgin and Warsaw after a certain time may be in "places not so remote."