It turned out that was the second wife of one of the deputies head of the Federal Drug Control Service - Michael Kiyko - is among the highest earning Russian women.

And now General Kiyko most actively seeking positions of one of the deputy heads of the Federal Service of National Guard troops Viktor Zolotov.

During 2015 Svetlana Kiyko - wife of the deputy head of the Federal Drug Control Service, General-Colonel Michael Kiyko police - was able to increase its revenues by more than 10 times. The official annual income "general's" Kiyko totaled 548 million rubles last year.

At the same time, the general himself Kiyko Michael earned a 156 times smaller than his wife. He does not have their own housing, no car, and all movable and immovable property owned by his wife.

In fact, the Federal Service for Drug Control (Federal Drug Control Service) is becoming a "smithy" wives millionschits.

Previously, the highest rung in the ranking of the richest women of the Russian officials took another wife, deputy director of the Federal Drug Control Service - Vladimir Calanda, but now it has overtaken the previously little-known wife Kiyko.

For obvious reasons, the press service of Federal Drug Control Service reporters denied comments on the origin of millions of the general's wife.

As the media found out, Svetlana Kiyko first came in the top 50 richest women officials in 2009. Then her annual income was 44.5 million rubles, and in personal property and real estate had the car BMW X5. Then, in 2010, suddenly "materialized" a new apartment of 223.4 square meters in assets Kiyko family. m and two parking lots recorded on 14-year-old son of the deputy director of Federal Drug Control Service. In addition, it is already in land area (5,810 sq. M) with a residential house (859.5 sq. M), and two apartments, one of which was 362.7 square meters. m, four-car garage and two non-residential premises.

In 2011 Svetlana Kiyko including two additional off-road car Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG and Lexus LX 570.

In 2012, Svetlana Kiyko earned 144 million rubles. And by 2015, the general's wife's income for the year already amounted to 548 million rubles.

Where did the money, let's ask ourselves?

It turns out that his first business - a commercial center of the eye microsurgery - Svetlana Kiyko opened with in-law, who was in charge of the eye department of the Republican Clinical Hospital № 2 - Yuri Kiyko.

In 2003, the father in law and daughter in law Kiyko created the company "Alloplant-M", but a lot of money to the founders of the company did not bring: Maximum annual hospital revenue was about 2 million rubles. After 2011, the company has ceased to publish reports.

The main income, the media found out, Svetlana Kiyko brought the sale of shares "Saratovneftegeofizika" Oil Company in 2014, where she owned a 30% stake. The company "Saratovneftegeofizika" was created in 1999, the eponymous prospecting company and inherited from her license to develop three oil fields and the unfinished hole "Ternovskaya number 1". In 2005, Svetlana Kiyko bought 11% shares of "Saratovneftegeofizika", at the same time becoming the head of the department of forward planning in the company.

In 2009, Svetlana Kiyko joined the board of directors "Saratovneftegeofizika" and increased its stake to 30% in 2011.

Cost of sales "Saratovneftegeofizika" edition could not figure out, but we know that in 2005 the company wanted to buy a "North-West Oil Group" Ernest Malyshev, and even then was ready to pay for her $ 50-60 million.

According to experts, "Saratovneftegeofizika" can cost anywhere from half to one annual revenue: there Kiyko could get 30% of the company not less than 86 million rubles. Another major source of income Svetlana Kiyko as Forbes experts have found out, became the Moscow region forests in Rublevskoye highway. In 2014, Ms. Kiyko sold 21 hectares of forest land Rublevki, formerly belonging to her company "Cascade".

This company, together with the forest Kiyko acquired in 2009 by the owner of "Grenadiers", a veteran of the war in Angola, Vladimir Gavrilov.

This veteran of combat operations "rose" under Boris Gromov, for unclear reasons, becoming the owner of hundreds of hectares of very expensive suburban forests. According to the publication, partners Gavrilova of forestry business were the son of the late former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin Andrei Chernomyrdin and President of the group structure "Alltech», Forbes rated participant Dmitry Bosova - by the way, a good friend of General Police Michael Kiyko.

Structures Bosova Gavrilov bought two firms with the right to lease 85 hectares of forest near the Nikolina Gora. Then Svetlana Gavrilova Kiyko bought the company "Cascade", which has been leased 18 hectares of forest near the sites Bosova structures and 3 hectares near the village. Chastsy Odintsovo District.

And who bought the notorious 21 hectares of forest land Rublevki?

It turns out that the buyer was the company "Prodintorg" all the same Andrei Chernomyrdin with its partners - the son of a lawyer Anatoly Kucherena - Alexander Kucherenu, and a member of the shareholders' Russian-British Forestry Association "Furkat Sattorova.

Reporters found no information on the cost of the transaction is not known, however, according to experts, Svetlana Kiyko could earn on it from 110 million to 266 million rubles.

At the moment, Svetlana Kiyko many advisers of the National Space Bank ( "TC bank"). It is interesting that by 2015 90% of the bank owned by ex-first deputy director of the "Oboronprom" Viktor Grigoryev, and another 10% - owned by Larissa Drozdova, the wife of Vladimir Smirnov - the famous ex-chairman of the St. Petersburg last cooperative "Lake".

And where in the Federal Drug Control Service took Michael himself Kiyko?

It turned out that Michael himself Kiyko first education is not law enforcement, and the dentist ...!

Future drug police colonel general in 1992 he graduated from the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. Dentists work, however, he did not become so, and in the year of graduation, he moved to the oil industry.

From 1992 to 2001 Kiyko worked in a number of oil and gas companies, including Yukos, Lukoil and Zarubezhneft.

At 34, Kiyko became Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for State Reserves. Then Rosrezerv headed by former security officer from Petersburg - Alexander Grigoriev and Mikhail Kiyko with partners in the oil business went to work in his department. Kiyko advisor Rosrezerva head, then head of the petroleum management, special products and goods for emergency situations Rosrezerva.

However, in December 2008, Gregory died, and after a few months Kiyko went to work in the Federal Drug Control Service, who led the other comes from the intelligence services of St. Petersburg - Viktor Ivanov. In 2009 Kiyko was appointed Deputy Director of the Federal Service for control of drug trafficking for.

As you know, April 5, 2016, Vladimir Putin has made a major change in the structure of Russian law enforcement agencies: the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Service for Drug Control reassigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, Vladimir Putin signed a decree of the Federal Service of the National Guard troops, appointing the head of Viktor Zolotov.

As stated in the decree of Putin, published on the Kremlin website, the head of the Russian National Guard will be equated in status to the Federal Minister, and he will have six deputies.

Recall that the current position of one of the deputies Viktor Zolotov aggressively pursuing Michael Kiyko.

The question arises - whether worthy of appointment to a high position as a former police general, without enforcement of the past, that the past 10 years has been the fact that through his wife earns hundreds of millions of rubles a year?