The investigation of the case about the beating journalist Oleg Kashin, the main protagonist of which is certainly the governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak, interred into a "stupor" and it is unclear when it will get out of it. A similar situation is easy to change. It is only enough to lift record of conversations of Turchak with a number of his acquaintances.

After becoming a governor of the Pskov region, Andrei Turchak did not intend to linger in the region for a long time: maximum one or one and a half period. Then he saw himself on some positions in Moscow.

In summer 2010, a man, with whom Krupchak was familiar, came to the attention of special services and they started to fix his talking’s. Leave aside all the corruption theme, move on to the fun part.

August 16, 2010, Oleg Kashin wrote post in a blog, in which he calls Turchak a "sr...m".

And after that was recorded a conversation of Turchak and his friend. The last one complained that Kashin called him a bad word; he did not want to leave that just so. The interviewer is not very understanding, what if the "fuss" about and advises Andrei to ask the author of the failed post to apologize. After that in Kashin blog appears entry of Turchak: "Young man, you have 24 hours to apologize. You can do it here in a branch or in a separate post. Time is going."

This form of request excuses the mean that they will not be received ever. That happens - Kashin refuses to apologize.

Turchak, already obviously seething with anger, is re-talking with the interlocutor once again, conceals the journalist with rude words. Subscriber continues to be perplexed because of such a reaction. To appease his interlocutor, he advises to apply for Kashin for insulting and a journalist will at least be drawn for "administrative infraction".

Then the interlocutor of Turchak already forgot about the story until 6 November 2010 he not yet learned about the brutal beating of Kashin from the TV news. The man immediately understood, who organized the attack and a new conversation with Turchak announced it as a fact that does not require any proof. "Why did you do that? Aren't you afraid that this story will fly you back like a boomerang? «- asked Turchak his friend. But the governor of the Pskov region was categorical. "Evil must be punished", - repeated Andrey Turchak.

In September 2014 Turchak went on his second gubernatorial term, the middle of which was planning to move to federal office in Moscow. And then the boomerang flew to Turchak.

In 2015, employees of one of the family businesses of Turchak family, arrested for beating Kashin, testified, from which it follows that the organizer of the attack was the governor of the Pskov region. Of course, no one will put Turchak in jail. But it is necessary to forget about the move to the capital and further bureaucratic career.