Several statements on the elite drug treatment clinic "Rehab Femeli" were received at the UFSB in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as MU MIA "Mytishchi".  Victims say that their relatives are kept there by using of psychological pressure; they have access to drugs there, while their families are paying a lot of money. Probably, these statements would be taken into account, if not one “but”. The owner of the clinic is the president of the National Association of Broadcasters Eduard Sagalaev. sources told that received applications are about the same type. Relatives transferred family members suffering from alcohol or drug addiction for treatment at the clinic "Rehab" (it is located in the village Protasovo Mytishchi district). This service is extremely expensive - 1 million rubles a month, and "Rehab" experts prescribe courses lasting from 5 months to infinity. However, then family members found out that patients continued to take drugs in the clinic or were not satisfied with the treatment. However, they could not take family members back from the clinic.

Patients, taking powerful drugs, "were processed" by employees of institutions and fall into "psychological dependence" (as stated in the application). As a result, they started to literally beg family members to leave them for treatment in the Rehab exactly and to pay for their stay at the center endlessly. If it has not acted, patients with  "strong" employees of "Rehab"  "cleaned out" their personal credit cards, went to friends and acquaintances, asking them to give money to doctors for treatment.

"On the part the activity of this organization is similar to the sect, in which from psychologically unbalanced people extort money for fake treatment. Employees of "Rehab Family" denied relatives who want to give patients for treatment in other medical institutions, because of supposedly signed contract for the provision of services on behalf of the patients", - said in a statement, received by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

But investigators are not hurry to release the prisoners of "Rehab." The reason for this lies in the clinic owners. The founders of "Rehab Clinic" are Sagalaev Edward and his son Michael.

Sagalaev himself- is a known television actor, now he holds the post of president of the National Association of Broadcasters, and Michael is - a film producer, author of the documentary "Red band", former director of advertising agency "TV-6 Media", at time when this TV channel led Edward Sagalaev.

Sagalaev is also a laureate of the USSR State Prize in 1978. He was awarded for serial television film for the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Clinic "Rehab Femeli" was built on a special project in a picturesque corner of Moscow, on the bank of the reservoir Ikshinskoe. It was opened in February 2012 with a large gathering of guests of honor: Moscow Health Minister Vladimir Semyonov, the founder of the school of family therapy Matteo Selwyn and TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov.