Billionaires God Nisanov and Zarah Iliev have two secret business partners - "thieves in law" Vagif Suleymanov (Vagif) and Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young). According to, "lawyers" are unofficial members of the project of Nisanov and Iliev, called "Food City". This agricultural cluster was presented in 2014 with the participation of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and is to supply Moscow with fruits and vegetables. Supply takes place under the tutelage of a dense of Vagif and Shakro.

Recently, the reporter of was studying "fresh" list of billionaires of Forbes, along with a representative of one of the security services. He noted that a little more and the name of Zachary Kalashov may appear in this list. He was a billionaire even during his life in Spain, but then found himself arrested for money laundering, and was imprisoned for more than eight years. During this time, the financial state of the Young Shakro deteriorated significantly. But a triumphal return to Moscow and profitable projects with the participation of the oligarchs will undoubtedly help the "thief in law" to accumulate a new state quickly. Especially financially successful for him became the project with god Nisanov (27th place in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 3.2 billion) and Zarah Iliev (26th place in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 3.2 billion).

The two Mountain Jews, natives of Azerbaijan, with the active support of the city authorities (in the beginning, Yuri Luzhkov, and Sergei Sobyanin later), it was possible to accumulate a billions state in Moscow. They are now owned by a group of "Kiev area", which owns the mass of commercial and retail real estate, and that brings in annual revenue of $ 1.1 billion. They own the shopping center "European", hotel "Radisson Ukraine" and many other interesting things. In 2014, Nisanov and Iliev finished work on another ambitious project - the construction of the wholesale agricultural market "Food City", largest in the capital, which has more than 346,000 square meters of retail space and about 300 000 sq. m. of warehouses.

To build and to create a good environment for merchants-wholesalers - is one thing, but to lure these sellers to the "Food City" - is quite another. For decades, the largest suppliers of vegetables, fruit, greens in the Moscow region are working under the tutelage of the major "thieves in law" (mostly immigrants from Azerbaijan) lead their trading on sites, controlled by "lawyers". Trying to move on to other areas, including the same "Food City", promised wholesalers big problems with the representatives of the criminal world. Therefore, there almost was no wishing to carry the trade to the "Food City". And no wholesalers, no profit.

According to source in the security services, as a result, Nisan and Iliev shared a problem with their longtime friend Aras Agalarov. The latter is known not only as the owner of "Crocus City", but as the father of the singer Emin. Emin had managed to be a husband of the daughter of the Azerbaijani President Leyla Aliyeva and take a second place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Agalarov also on friendly terms with a "thief in law" Vagif Suleymanov for many years. This "lawyer" once was an associate of one of the major Russian Mafiosi Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). When in 2013 sniper shot Ded Hassan, the place of the "boss of all bosses" took Zachary Kalashov. Vagif also found a place at the court of Shakro, and in recent years he has become very close with Kalashov.

As a result, problems of Nisanov and Iliev were brought to Vagif, and he went with them to Shakro. The project on the draft of sellers to the "Food City" promised to bring two "thieves in law" a huge and constant profit in the future. As a result, Kalashov gave the nod to Vagif to organize movement of wholesalers from the areas, controlled by Azerbaijan "thieves in law", to the "Food City". But, Shakro misspoke that blood should not be shed as nobody need the new "war".

And what "wars" can there be, if the decision to resettle wholesalers was taken at the highest level of thieves? It was enough of a single mention of Shakro to other thieves not to claw the guns, and wholesalers to take up the new site (“Food City”) and a new "roof" (Vagif and Shakro).

As a result, most of the largest suppliers of vegetables, fruits, herbs, with the active participation of the "thieves in law" "migrated" to the "Food City» «the river" of money; ran down to Nisanov and Iliev, and some of this flow is "pouring" into the pockets of the secret partners of billionaires - Vagif and Shakro.