On the Internet, published an open letter to the president, the FSB director and head of the Investigative Committee of Russia. As the correspondent of The Moscow Post, author of the letter is a Moscow businessman Sergei Kaluzhin. According to him, he owns a firm specializing in the construction of housing.

Khusnullin "roof" building?

Kaluzhin said that he has long been under intense pressure from high-ranking officials of the Moscow City Hall. Thus, according to the letter, the vice-mayor of the capital Marat Khusnullin engaged in frank extortion.

He constantly threatens to deprive the company Kaluzhina all construction contracts, carry already housing under construction. To avoid this, the deputy mayor requires Kaluzhina constantly "give money to the officials." Through his subordinates, according to the writer, Khusnullin requires huge amounts that are larger than 100 million rubles.

Permission to enter the property and given for "kickbacks". In addition, claims Kaluzhin, the Moscow authorities in the face of the same Husnullina demand from construction firms forced to participate in social projects.

As an example, the author presents the story as it is forced forced to invest in school. In this case, the contract signed for the transfer of money was not given details of the Ministry of Education, and nobody CJSC "Scale."

His letter to Sergei Kaluzhin accompanied a video message, saying that he was willing to confirm written in law enforcement.

"Brown" stories of vice-mayor

Stories with a not entirely "transparent things" Vice Mayor pop up regularly enough. A year ago, when receiving a bribe of 5 million rubles was arrested slave Marat Khusnullin, head of the construction company "Mosinzhproekt" Andrew Archangel.

A little earlier also published an open letter to the builders of the Moscow metro. Metrostroevtsy claimed that the situation in the capital "underground" simply deplorable. And the reason for it is the transfer of a controlling stake "Metrostroi" individuals. Just put his hand to this Marat Khusnullin. The charges put forward against the builders of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

In addition, builders have argued that they are forced to work accelerated pace of starts for stations to significant dates. This significantly reduces the quality of construction, which can lead to very serious consequences.

Cemetery under the control of criminal gangs?

At the Moscow authorities and many blamed for the recent drama on Khovanskoye cemetery. It took an enormous fight with the shooting, in which, according to various estimates, was attended by 200 to 500 people. As a result, three people were killed and several dozen injured. The cause of the incident, according to security officials, could be a redistribution of zones of influence in the Khovanskii cemetery.

According to social activists, the municipality has long moved away from the control of significant parts of the capital, to which belong the Moscow cemetery. The situation is given to the mercy of all sorts of ethnic groups, from time to time organize such "lawlessness."

In a letter businessman Kaluzhina no reaction on the part of law enforcement yet. But keep aloof and "silence" the situation after such serious accusations against the authorities of the capital - it is hardly reasonable.