The pre-election scandal

Chelyabinsk region, led by Governor Boris Dubrovsky, continue to shake political scandals.

So a State Duma deputy from the "Fair Russia" Valery Hartung prepared a deputy's request to the law enforcement authorities of the Chelyabinsk region to check the audio recording, on which the Chelyabinsk administration officials are discussing how to ensure victory in the primaries, "United Russia" a number of candidates who supported Boris Dubrovsky.

"This is at least abuse of power", - said Garnung.

As it turned out, the head of the Chelyabinsk region wants to "drag" to the State Duma Andrey Baryshev, who goes by the Chelyabinsk constituency and is the main opponent in the primaries, the former head of the region, Mikhail Yurevich.

In this process, Dubrovsky, is likely to help the First Deputy Mayor Natalia Kotova, head of the regional executive committee of the party Alexey Loshkin, his assistant Marina Dimova and district heads of Chelyabinsk.

Of course, this lobbying interests Dubrovsky Baryshev illegally, so that the head of the region may fall under criminal liability.

The attack on the "Highway"

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in opposition circles, opposition factions will soon Duma deputies may require to check the media information about the attack on the LLC "Magistral" by JSC "ChelyabStroyKomplekt" (EIC), which is controlled by the head of the Chelyabinsk region. Recall that the FSC is a holding company, "Sinai", 100% owned by Mr. Dubrovsky. Now, under severe pressure "friends of the governor" is 65-year-old businesswoman Olga Bolotnikova, company director and co-owner of the Troitsk - OOO "Magistral".

Local security forces in February 2016 Bolotnikov made a defendant in a criminal case of fraud. Rumor has it that it was Dubrovsky asked investigators "put pressure" on him objectionable entrepreneurs.

"Kidok" from the governor

Trouble at the head of the "Highway" began after "Highway" LLC signed a contract with JSC "ChelyabStroyKomplekt".

The contract with EIC was signed July 19, 2012: 2.77 million rubles for "Highway" was in the period from July 20 to August 20, 2012 to perform the work on improvement of plant for processing stone and maintenance machines career at Lower Sanarsky field granodiorite, as well as the territory of administrative building of "Sanarsky granite" (as the owner is Boris Dubrovsky).

As it turned out, in the future management of CJSC "ChelyabStroyKomplekt" wanted to return the advance payment for the work already performed and "tear off" LLC "Magistral" substantial fines. To this end, Ms. Bolotnikov organized attack is very similar to the raider.


Statement of "Chelyabstroykomplekt" LLC is taken from «» site. Founder - Boris Dubrovsky

Rumor has it that in the interests of trying to Dubrovsky investigators from the Interior Ministry of Defense, "Trinity." Experts say that the "persecution" of Olga Bolotnikova is personally the head of the Chelyabinsk region, and methods, which is used by the governor are very similar to raider attack from the dashing 90's.

Governor Company stolen budget money?

Incidentally, sub-contractors in the construction of kindergartens and Troitsk Magnitogorsk, state contracts for which mastered LLC "Chelyabstroykomplekt" one after the other serves in the Chelyabinsk Regional Arbitration Court proceedings for recovery of debt for work done.

In general, according to the filing arbitration cases, only since the beginning of the year to the EIC filed 11 lawsuits, the amount of claims is 14 million 764 thousand. Rubles.

In particular, debts to the EIC exacts Ltd. "Trust Magnitostroy" (controlled by businessman Oleg Laknitskim and his partner Dmitry Melnikov). The total amount of claims - more than 3 million rubles under several contracts signed from February to July 2015, as well as a penalty.

As it turned out, Boris Dubrovsky holding almost half a year does not pay contractors for work in Troitsk and Magnitogorsk. It turns out that the FSC receive budget money for the construction of kindergartens, but subcontractors do not pay these funds.

But what has become of the money? Stolen top managers Dubrovsky?


According to experts, Dubrovka, rumored to be able to break the Russian legislation, as governors prohibited from owning a business. In the media there is evidence that allegedly Dubrovsky immediately after his appointment as head of the region "could get from 25% to 100% of the shares in the commercial organizations" Chelyabstroykomplekt "BZZHBK" Energy "," and in a number of other companies.

Moreover, according to the opposition, in 2014-2015 the firm, controlled, according to rumors, Dubrovsky himself, received state and municipal contracts, in particular for civil works, totaling more than 200 million rubles.

Also Dubrovsky (as mentioned earlier - Ed.) Owns 100% of shares of OOO "Novatek" (Magnitogorsk), which kind of activities - management of holding companies. With revenue of 18.9 million rubles in 2012. "Novatek" has worked with a loss of 1.98 million rubles. This company has a "daughter" - OOO "ITs Sinai Group", which is engaged in lease of own real estate (loss in 2012 - 62 thousand rubles.).


Extract from EGRUL "Sinai", LLC is taken from the site «». Ltd. is a co-founder Boris Dubrovsky

In addition, Dubrovsky owns 100% of LLC "Sinai" (Magnitogorsk, activities in the field of architecture, engineering design in industry and construction). The main income of the company consists of state contracts with the City of Magnitogorsk and other authorities.

King of the state order

The public is outraged by the fact that the companies controlled by the head of the region, regularly receive government contracts. For example, only of "Chelyabstroykomplekt" received contracts to 109,345,213.50 rubles from the Office of Capital Construction Administration of Troitsk; to 25,466,170.50 rubles. from the municipal treasury institution "Magnitogorskinveststroy" Magnitogorsk; to 77728120 rubles. from the Ministry of Construction and infrastructure of the Chelyabinsk region.

But of "Sinai" has received a contract to 5,547,402.40 rubles. on municipal property Troitsk Management Administration to "non-residential premises Acquisition". LLC "BZZHBK" Energy "has received 2 contracts from municipal property of the Office of Administration of Troitsk totaling 12,152,597.60 rubles. for the purchase of non-residential premises.

Son in business

Formally, after the appointment of the head of the region in September 2014 Dubrovsky assets passed into the control of his son Alexander, but it is rumored that Dubrovsky Sr. tries to personally monitor your business.

By the way, since the appointment of Boris Dubrovsky Acting Governor, belonging to his son Alexander of "DIP Trading" has received 5 contracts totaling 4.4 million rubles from Magnitogorsk city administration.

It is obvious that Dubrovsky was personally involved in lobbying for the interests of its controlled companies, and members of his family. If so, then the head of the region may have to resign in the near future.