One never knows Russian consumer with average income will be deprived of the opportunity to acquire inexpensive and at the same time according to the latest trends in footwear. The sad story of the largest shoe holding "TsentrObuv" is now on everyone's lips. Not long ago, the public learned that the bright shops with pleasing the eye and wallet will not prices. The once-thriving company creditors are literally inundated with claims, its debts in total are estimated at 35 billion rubles, and Sergei Lomakin - one of its shareholders, it may be "extreme." An informed source shared with the "Criminal Russia" exclusive details of what is happening inside the company and explained why the raiders scams and so needs some "fire" in which all the evidence can be destroyed. Details - on.

History of origin of the shoe empire began in the mid-90s: then the two US citizens Dmitry Svetlov and Anatoly Gurevich was born the idea of ​​creating a shoe holding. In the 2000s, they co-founded the company and is fully controlled "TsentrObuv". Even then, the business model has been formed, according to which the company conducted its activities for many years. Successfully existing, it attracted the gaze of investors, and in the mid-2000s added to the list of shareholders entrepreneurs Leonid pasta and Vladimir Left, and in 2008 - Sergei Lomakin and Artyom Khachaturian. Controlling stake (over 55%) remained in the hands of the founders of the Empire.

Below is a list of shareholders. Later stake, owned by Andrey Nesterov, was bought by the company.


Business processes have been constructed in such a way that the JSC "TD" TsentrObuv "was the only commercial operator, realizing the goods in Russia, Ukraine and Poland through the retail chain, and all purchases made through" Center ", which purchases goods in China ( 80%), and from domestic producers (20%). At the helm, de jure and de facto, was Andrey Nesterov - an experienced manager.


    All ties with China were tied to the company's founder. Moreover, Gurevich son was also involved in the shoe business, and was a director of Hong Kong-based company "Sinai Trading" - the main mediator (70% of supply) between the "Center" and Chinese suppliers.

Worthy to survive the economic crisis of 2008, "TsentrObuv" began to develop in the period from 2009 to 2013, of course, like many other companies using bank financing. In less than 5 years, starting from 2009, "TsentrObuv" increased the number of outlets in 4 times.

Almost 8 years of the shareholders was more than pleased with the activity of the General Director Nesterov, because performance of the company grew on the eyes. In 2010-2011. "TsentrObuv" even started preparing for the IPO. However, the implementation of this decision has been delayed, as the shareholders were unable to reach a consensus. In 2010-2011, the same. between shareholders were even distributed a dividend in the amount of 90 mln. US dollars.

In 2011, Andrew Nesterov even encouraged as a talented manager, giving him a stake in the company.

Then the business owners are sincerely happy successful investments made, it is not even thinking about what Nesterov, who turned the master of accounting fraud, let them show off. Disturbances in the activity of Nesterov could not identify and quarterly reviews Britain's biggest auditing and consulting company Ernst & Young, a member of the so-called "Big Four" accounting firms, to say nothing of the shareholders, which, in fact, not have to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of business protsessov.Ernst_Young_1304.jpg

Ugly truth came to light in 2013. Then it turned out that over the years Nesterov work as director of the company ponabrali loans, and repeatedly sent money the company is not for the intended purpose and manipulated figures of the company. In connection with these "discoveries" of shareholders Nesterov decision was dismissed and removed from the shareholders, for which he received compensation of 3 million. USD.

After leaving Nesterov de jure as CEO held Tokazh Marcin Rafal, and then - Eugene Peshkun, but de facto, the company manages all the shareholders, which was shared between the individual areas: management, logistics, purchasing and supply, finance, development of the company and so on. d.

It is noteworthy that after the departure of Nesterova company began to rehabilitate and showed that it can quite imagine work without loans, which were so necessary ex-CEO.

In 2014, the company has experienced decline in the footwear market and the decrease in consumer activity, and therefore the beginning of the accumulated debts to suppliers and contractors. Kari network that had enough money (from the sale of the stake of the main shareholder in the network "Eldorado"), to take a "varnish" niche market - a new competitor appeared on the market.

    According to a source "Criminal Russia", after the dismissal of the "TsentrObuv" Nesterov friends with notorious Russian businessman Vladimir Palikhata.

The company has ceased to issue new loans. Experiencing financial difficulties, "TsentrObuv", however, to perform its obligations under existing loans. Creditor banks companies (Sberbank, ICD, VTB, Gazprombank, Raiffeisenbank) realized that the shoe holding going through hard times. But the role played by the company's reputation and the actions of the shareholders. Then, Sergey Lomakin managed to agree on a prolongation of the payments under the personal return promises. This saved the company in a difficult period.

Then, until 2015, "TsentrObuv" there, experiencing minor difficulties that can be overcome along the way.

The crisis in the shoe holding, which eventually led to tragic results, occurred in 2015. To improve the situation, the company at the invitation of Dmitry Svetlov reappeared Andrey Nesterov. Then no one could not assume that it will be the beginning of the phenomenon of re-apocalyptic processes inside "TsentrObuv". In his absence Nesterov clearly wasted no time. According to a source "Criminal Russia", after the dismissal of the "TsentrObuv" Nesterov friends with notorious Russian businessman Vladimir Palikhata. What could offer Nesterov man with absolutely criminal reputation, "mark" in almost all high-profile scandals raider - easy to guess.

Palikhata penetrated "TsentrObuv", one might say, by the classics of the genre raider, dressed in an expensive suit generous investor willing to invest in the improvement of the order of 4 billion. Rubles. The true goal of "investor" -reydera became known as soon as it was at the "helm" of the company. As told to "Crime in Russia," the source, in addition to Andrew Nesterov Palikhata could either uboltat or buy Dmitry Svetlov and Anatoly Gurevich's founders, who, of course, have to be very strong motivation to participate in the destruction of the company is based. A motivated and Svetlov, and Gurevich fear picks creditors that it does not matter what methods will be returned to the issuing cash loans. The debts can be repaid at the expense of own funds of shareholders, but who wants to lose her, and a lot of money? In turn, the chief "zombies" of the story - Andrew Nesterov is guided by only one desire - to destroy in a specially constructed fire the sins of the past, which, as we know, his shoulders a lot.

To raider attacks and the withdrawal of the remaining assets of the company Vladimir drooping Palikhata seeking appointment of a new Director General of "TsentrObuv" - Leonid Venzhika, his childhood friend. That is, at present the company is managed protege, a kind of "looking" staged Palikhata invader. That is, the game is played according to the rules of Vladimir Mironavich, he's chief conductor. Venzhik directed by the boss actively removes all the "real" balances from current accounts to the structure of his patron. A small but important detail - a protege Palikhata managed to earn a conviction for hazing (Part 2, Article 206, paragraph "b" of Article 244, paragraph "c" of Article 244 of the RSFSR Criminal Code......), Which is logical complement its image.

    Since October 2015 Palikhata begins to actively withdraw monetary assets of the company, takes all the money from the settlement accounts in the "BIN" on the management of which has the effect, use the "TsentrObuv" means for personal expenses and bonuses "obedient" managers covering the multimillion theft.

Following the appointment of Venzhika Palikhata twice attempted to eliminate the "TsentrObuv" on a voluntary basis with a view to plunder the property of the company and to avoid creditors' claims, says a source, "Crime in Russia." His pretensions were thwarted by the Moscow Tax Inspectorate, which has seen in the actions of the company's management attempted theft of property. Since October 2015 Palikhata begins to actively withdraw monetary assets of the company, takes all the money from the settlement accounts in the "BIN" on the management of which has the effect, use the "TsentrObuv" means for personal expenses and bonuses "obedient" managers covering the multimillion theft.

According to our source, one of the companies that are currently swim assets "TsentrObuv" is LLC "Feshnshuz". Previously, test purchases were carried out, which revealed that "TsentrObuv" outlets were simply re-registered on the Company 'Feshnshuz ". Moreover, the source of "Criminal Russia" handed over to the amended lease agreements, which testify to the fact that the raider attack was carefully planned and prepared. It turned out that the documents from October 2015 Raiders held office as a sub-tenant of premises leased "TsentrObuv", and in April, it appears in them as a direct tenant.

At the same time The highly experienced in such matters Palikhata trying to put pressure on the former shareholders of the company, and, pedaling his connections in the central apparatus of the FSB requires close bank loans of the company and officially transfer his shares "TsentrObuv" without waiting for the final settlement. Under the leadership of Venzhika "TsentrObuv" ponahvatala multimillion-dollar loans in the "Sberbank of Russia", "Moscow Credit Bank", "VTB", "Gazprombank". The total amount of debt is about 35 billion. Rubles. Colossal amount allegedly went to the purchase of goods and other needs, and in fact - swam in the structure, controlled by Vladimir Palikhata. It is also noteworthy that the activity is now "Feshnshuz" regulated from "TsentrObuv" head office located at: Ul. 2nd Khutorskaya, d. 29, which, in turn, demonstrates awareness of what is happening in the top management of the company collapsing.

Note that the process razvalivanie "TsentrObuv" accompanied by another characteristic moment - mudslinging one of the shareholders of the company Sergey Lomakin. Why Lomakin was chosen scapegoat and a man who by biased articles you need to spoil the reputation and karma? The answer is known only to the raiders, in particular - Vladimir Palikhata, but the source of "Criminal Russia" is sure that he has been chosen on purpose. It Lomakin all summer 2015 held the negotiations with creditor banks to restructure existing debt. But banks in the conditions proposed by the company, did not agree. It Lomakin until recently tried to save "TsentrObuv" option considering investing additional funds from her purse, and fearing that he might be called a bad word that characterizes the entrepreneur with not the best hand. And it Lomakin after it became aware of the collapse of the shoe empire, becomes the main villain of the story.

The current state of affairs in "TsentrObuv" tells us one thing - Palikhata plan was "successfully" implemented with the direct participation of representatives of the shareholders and recruited top management. A number of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities have applied for recognition of "Trade House" TsentrObuv "bankrupt. In relation to the "center" and TD "Tsentrobuv" the court entered a procedure for monitoring. From the extensive network of more than a thousand stores have less than 200 points, but the consequence checks the version of the withdrawal of funds through fictitious transactions.