Mr. Bushneva structures already own 27.67% of LLC "DC Kirov", now an entrepreneur get a controlling stake.

Note that Bushnev is Assistant State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Sergei Vostretsov, which oversees the work of the Association of Trade Unions of Russia SOTSPROF, protection of workers' rights. Perhaps it was the MP put pressure on Leningrad federation.

Vostretsov already lit up in one story, when the company tried to get Bushneva Petersburg school building on Krestovsky prospect, 7. He tried to settle the matter with Smolny, albeit unsuccessfully.

The approximate cost of the conversion of DC to the hotel and business center is estimated at 2 billion rubles. The price at which to sell the building, built by the famous architect Noah Trotsky, unknown.

The worst thing in this story is that the developer can try to get the permission to increase the number of storeys in an unused wing of the Palace of Culture. Again, the building - an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation under the number 7802295000!


Bushneva Petersburg businessmen called the scandal a reason. Stanley Property Corporation, owned Bushneva, did your partner a citizen Mordvinova.

This name back in 1994, appeared in quite an unpleasant criminal episode under Article 211 of the Criminal Code (Theft of vessel air or water transport or railway rolling stock), but Bushneva this fact confused a little, and led by Stanislav Dzhonovich LLC "Joint Reserve Fund" acted as a co-founder of " Management company "Venice of the North", where the head was considered Mordvinians!

Another partner Bushneva Vladimir Yakovlev. No, not the former governor of St. Petersburg. This Yakovlev has long struggled with crime in the 2nd department of the St. Petersburg Regional Department for Combating Organized Crime (RUBOP).

Hard service Yakovlev successfully combined with the business, and, first of his company, he does not reflect, registered near the place of his own residence. Properly combining the possibility of a police officer and an independent businessman, Vladimir E. reached great heights in the solution of specific problems, "St. Petersburg businessman."

Yakovlev registered security company "Storm" October 15, 1996. Who and how well it is protected, it is difficult to say, but when trying to establish control over St. Petersburg firms fighters "Sturm" is not lit up again.

The script was about the same. Chosen by the company has concluded with the guards Bushneva-Yakovleva rather vague agreement about providing different kinds of services, and then turned out to be all around, well then, the partners break through the gate on the rights of lenders eager to justice.

Rumor has it that the success of the operation contributed to the administration's position. For example, before the attack on JSC "Construction machinery" company, according to the press a few months has become entangled in debt, the agreements were signed for the sale of half of the real estate "on the side".

The attack on JSC "Electromechanical Plant" Zarya "," developed a somewhat different scenario. As lenders routinely require payback were established Bushneva "Storm" and "Stanley Property Corporation», the latter to be sure in the process even bought 6.4% stake in the plant.

Kush expected solid eight elite buildings in the heart of St. Petersburg on the streets of Kazan could bring new owners income comparable to the income from oil wells! By a strange coincidence, it is in the midst of the scandals around the "Dawn" and "Construction machinery" in the corridors of power of St. Petersburg began to go jokes about voracious appetites of a pirate, "the lanky Dzhonovich" command.

October 17, 2002 the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court quashed the transfer of a building in the asset management company Bushneva. To address the director of "Dawn" Anatoly Ivanov failed.

After that rattled on the factory premises, "Dawn" on the streets of Kazan in the evening March 10, 2004 shooting weapon!

Sitting down in the car, Anatoly Ivanov and his driver died almost instantly, and the killer managed to escape ... It is an offense not disclosed until now, however, there was another murder last year, surprisingly similar to the handwriting on the elimination of the director "Dawn." This time the victim was the Vice President of "Stanley Property Corporation" Yuri Molyakov. Just like Anatoly Ivanov, his February 16, 2006 shot dead with a machine gun while landing in a car.


Bushneva in place of the governor of the northern capital, Valentina Matvienko. Bushnev in crisis in 2008 hit the scandal involving the son of the then governor.

Thus, the company Stanley Property Corporation (SPC), the president of which was Mr. Bushnev, accused the city government building to weaning at Kazan, 7.

Note that the structure belonged to the city administration, and the SPC used it on the right of trust management.

But in 2008 it was transferred to CJSC "Paradigm" Sergei Matvienko, the governor's son, for the reconstruction of a hotel. A few days later, Stanislav Bushnev issued a statement in which he expressed hope for an early settlement of the conflict "in the legislative plane."

In short, the son of Governor Valentina Matvienko proved influential. Businessman decided not to interfere.

In 2015 Bushnev again flickered in the city editions bands. He has represented development company Johnssun, registered in the US.

As president, he tried to carry out the selection Johnssun building on Krestovsky avenue, 7, at a private school. The city authorities have decided to give the building for the expansion of school N 51 of the Petrograd district, in which there was a deficit of places for students. With the new authorities have Bushneva also did not work ...

But some of my contacts in the Smolny Bushnev got. Petersburg press wrote that the company maintained Johnssun vice-governor of the city of Vladimir Kirillov and his adviser Alexander Malyshevsky. However, lobbying quickly ended after the deputy Zakosobraniya Maxim Reznik announced his intention to apply to the current governor Georgy Poltavchenko to conduct an official investigation Malyshevskoe activities.

Now Bushnev again loomed. Under the threat may be building, built Noah Trotsky. While it is unclear at what price it had acquired an entrepreneur and how he turned out to be 27% share of the Palace of Culture. Kirov. Social activists believe that the law enforcement authorities should check the situation on the corruption component.