In the nuclear industry the main emphasis should be given to security. Too high cost of failure. Everyone remembers the incident at Chernobyl, which occurred in the distant 1986. Indeed, because after 30 years, the territory affected by the most large-scale man-made disaster of the twentieth century, not suitable for life to this day. It is terrible to imagine what the consequences may be for a cause such an accident in the territory of the densely populated Europe.

It would seem that during this time the security in the nuclear industry has advanced far ahead and repeat the Chernobyl incident in our time is almost impossible. Even deliberately avoid the explosion of power units at nuclear power plants today will not work - Automatic instantly stop a chain reaction, and if you turn off and this automation, it will duplicate replacement. But this does not mean that the risk of accidents eliminated completely.

This proves that the incident on December 18 last year at the Leningrad nuclear power plant, when the second power unit of cracked pipe of spent radioactive steam, which is used to remove heat from the reactor, is in direct contact with radioisotopes, accumulating radiation, and must be in a closed cycle. A cloud of steam flew out of the plant, and was carried by the wind towards the Finnish border.

And who do you think was responsible for the construction of Leningrad NPP, in particular, pipe-laying? "Titan-2" company, headed by Gregory Naginsky! A former employee of one of the subsidiaries of the "Second Titan" talked about the frightening number of violations committed by the company. For example, the work on laying of pipes and welding joints of the first cooling circuit implemented totally incompetent staff. According to this statement, it becomes clear, how could crack pipe at the Leningrad nuclear power plant if the plant itself is not developed, and half of his meaningful life.

Even more shocking details about the activities of Naginsky Gregory and his company managed to get the journalists of the Finnish Broadcasting Company «Yle». It turned out that the "Titan-2" comprises a huge number of dubious transactions, has many problems with paying bills. And he Naginsky found himself involved in a major corruption scandal in the Russian Ministry of Defense, and as "good" led them headed in 2011-2013 by the Federal Agency for Special Construction "Spetsstroy Russian" that in the two years under his leadership, this company actually left " with nothing ", using inefficient multibillion amount of budgetary funds.

Nevertheless, to this day, "Titan-2" busy construction of Leningrad NPP-2 in Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region, and nuclear power plants "Hanikivi-1" in the Finnish city of Pyhäjoki commissioned by «Fennovima OY». Management of the company-customer, in response to a natural concern of Finnish citizens related to the publications described above, assures that they are kept under careful control of all the activities of "Titans" employed by them.

However, it is puzzling how such a biography Naginsky generally admit to such large-scale projects? It would seem that after such major scandals, it should not have been allowed up to management positions, and especially trust such large international orders. However, the political career behind and Communications, acquired by during this time, apparently to help a businessman to be "in charge."

Recall that until 2010 he was in the position of the senator of the Federation Council of the Leningrad region, and then on January 12, 2010 he joined the Ministry of Defence, where the "lit up" in a scandal related to corruption of "Slavyanka". But not on the bench he was accused, and the former boss of the Department of Property Relations Evgenia Vasilyeva. Naginsky performed in the process only as a witness.

However, according to the former head of production and repair facility of the Ministry of Defense Sergei GALINICH Gregory Naginsky was directly involved in the sale of state property. And, if we dig deeper, for many of the facts in the criminal process it was exactly Naginsky instead Vasilyeva.

Further, from 2011 to 2013, as mentioned above, Naginsky headed "Special Construction of Russia", and actually ran away from there, after leaving "voluntarily" after the Audit Chamber has identified a lot of multi-billion dollar investments unprofitable. In particular, to this day, "Roskosmos" in court wishes to recover 1.07 billion rubles, "Dalspetsstroya" - subsidiary company "Spetsstroy" - for the misuse of allocated in 2012-2013 budget. Again, this has to be responsible for not Naginsky and former head of a subsidiary Yuri Hrizmanu.

Of course, luck is no way to explain. According to some reports, "get away with" Gregory Naginsky chapter helps "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov. Remarkably, the head of "Roskosmos" Igor Komarov also came to his office with the help Chemezov. This can be explained by the fact that "Roskosmos" in their proceedings with "Dalspetsstroem" persistently ignores the fact that the main reason for these claims is a financial legacy Naginsky management.

Then, in 2014, Gregory Naginsky successfully "otmyvshis" back in "Titan-2" of their board of directors, which he headed in 1995, but at the time of his political career put under the control of his daughter - Elena Naginsky, which formally It is still regarded as the CEO.

According to the expert, who wished to remain anonymous, in the "Rosatom" are well aware of all these facts in the biography of the head of "Titan-2", but he is "extremely convenient partner for many." That is why, instead of really high-class specialists, which in the "Rosatom" a lot, so much blurred in so many scandals Naginsky so successfully gets out and gets these priority orders, until the construction of nuclear power plant in Finland.