In respect of the Volgograd plant "Red October" are multiple courts in which creditor banks are trying to recover their money. According to some reports, the total debt of the plant is more than 2 billion rubles!

As reported by many media at the plant were searched with riot police.

The property factory "Red October" arrested.

Dorogomilovsky court sentenced to two months of 100% shares of JSC "Volgograd Steel Works" Red October ").

Even before that, on April 19 he was arrested all the real estate complex, follows from the copy of the decision of the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow.

In particular, the "Red October" is the biggest deadbeat pension fund for insurance and health contributions. Over the past 3 years the money have never been listed in the fund, and the total amount of debts of the enterprise amounted to almost 1 billion rubles.

Plant debt for supplied raw materials is 500 million rubles, and in addition to this, according to krasnooktyabrtsev, there is also a current debt: it is more than 350 million rubles. Appeals to the authorities of the city and the region, personally Bozhenova to what they say, does not: the officials are limited to formal replies.

"Krasnooktyabrskiy revolution"

The situation at the plant has long been acquired explosive form. In Volgograd, against the policy pursued as the heads of industrial enterprises, as well as the leadership of the region, we have repeatedly held protests.

The protesters spoke about the acute situation with regard to non-payment in the factory, squandering the assets of the company, opposed the mass job cuts, delays in salaries, non-payment of taxes to the budget of the city and the region, pension fund, raised questions related to payments for previously delivered scrap, illegal actions head of the enterprise Dmitry Gerasimenko.

Appeals to the authorities of the city and the region, personally to the governor of the region to what they say, do not lead: officials are limited to formal replies. The participants adopted an appeal to the Russian president, the chairman of the government, deputies of the State Duma, the governor of the Volgograd region, in which they stated that they do not have to pay for the actions of the company's management. Under a resolution signed by over 500 people.

The protest at the "Red October"

"The negotiations with JSC VSW" Red October "on the issue of debt repayment to nothing lead, because we offer the assignment of debt to firms controlled by the leadership of the" Red October ", with the" wild "discount, which reaches 50-60% of the outstanding amount, a football match between the executive director and the bankruptcy manager of the plant, - the statement says. - The debts of the enterprise budget amounted to over 2.3 billion rubles. "

The list of requirements - call for open information about the financial and economic situation of the company, compliance with the constitutional rights of workers, the cessation of persecution of activists, the solution of environmental problems.

Who is the "Bank"?

"Red October" - one of Russia's largest factories for the production of special steels. It produces more than 670 grades of steel. On the enterprise site claims that its share of the stainless steel market is more than 50%.

Formally, the "Red October" belongs to the Swiss Red October International. According to the Swiss registry, Gerasimenko is the president of the Swiss company, but investigators believe the owner of "Red October".

Head of "Red October" Dmitry Gerasimenko

However, as it is known, actually, "he taxied" "Red October" General Director of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko.

"Pushed out" of the "Red October"?

At the time, Oleg Siyenko insisted that Dmitry Gerasimenko should "rewrite 75% of shares of" Red October "in the offshore companies," to get "protection from possible criminal prosecution."

In January 2016, as the Gerasimenko claims Siyenko allegedly met him in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and "demanded immediate action to rewrite the" Red October ". Gerasimenko in response asked to compensate for the investments "in the amount of € 120 million" in the plant, but received no response. 5 February VTB complaint was a criminal case.

Uralvagonzavod Guide has long followed the event on "Red October". in November 2014 on the official website of the Volgograd region governor, the governor told a meeting of Andrei Bocharov Oleg Siyenko at which they discussed the setting to "Red October" purification equipment. "This company [Uralvagonzavod] today is the modernization of [...] metallurgical plant", - reported the portal.

Eventually Siyenko added the "Red October" to him.

Oleg Siyenko

I do it with the help of the corporation "Rostehno". State corporation created specifically for the company "Russpetsstal" - a "Rostec" was 25.1%. Another 24.9% received a Ukrainian businessman Eduard Shifrin.

Another 50% have divided Cyprus Vriefway Lacoveta Management and Trading. It is believed by independent experts, from that moment began the troubles of the largest defense industry plant. When it was created with a dozen companies under the same name. Through them, the assets of the "Red October" and displayed in the company's namesake, in the above Lacoveta Management and Vriefway Tradin, ie offshore!

According to reliable sources, this was done with the direct knowledge of Mr. Siyenko.

Volgograd plant Siyenko representatives criticized the fact that he stopped paying for delivered to the "Uralvagonzavod" steel. And yet, a considerable amount of raw materials to the company (scrap) for some reason began to cross in strange company. "Scrap leaves in an unknown direction. It is said that often in the "cowboy's office" Vtorchermet "- recognized workers" Red October ". Disposed source products, experts say, could lead to the inevitable reductions in production volumes.

"Uralvagon" derailed?

This happened quickly, "poverty" and of Uralvagonzavod. According to media reports, the company's debts exceed $ 1 billion. The structure owes Siyenko already a number of large industrial enterprises.

As it turned out, to a child "Omsktransmash" filed more than a hundred complaints about debt collection for delivered products or work performed. The amounts of claims vary from several hundred thousand to several million.

Earlier UVZ acted surety for a subsidiary loan JSC "Omsktransmash". Experts believe that "Uralvagonzavod" may try to defer payment or to restructure. In the business community there is an opinion that "Uralvagonzavod" simply no "extra" 2.3 billion rubles., To pay the debts "Omsktransmash".

Conversations that go in the business community, that Oleg Siyenko brought "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) before the crisis, are at a very solid ground. After all, the general director of the Russian metallurgists caught UVZ Siyenko that he is unable to fulfill its financial obligations. The factory are massive cuts. At least 2,000 workers have been translated into a shorter working day.

In this regard, in Nizhny Tagil (DC location) remember the loud and far from the production needs of its shares "General" Siyenko.

So, in October 2014 in Yekaterinburg hosted the first national championship of working professions through high-tech industries WorldSkills Hi-Tech.

At the same time to "maintain a high status" agreement to hold WorldSkills Hi-Tech Yekaterinburg was signed at the "INNOPROM 2014" CEO of the corporation Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko, Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashevym, Minister of Industry of the Russian Federation Denis Manturovo Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrey Nikitin .

It is not difficult to guess that in the "INNOPROM-2014" representatives have also made UVZ needed "infusion".

On a grand scale. And money

Also in the Urals still gossip about the 50-year anniversary of Siyenko. He spent it in a big way in the capital with the participation of pop stars and 400 invited guests.

Siyenko barely on his feet on their anniversary while working sitting without salaries

"Check" banquet was 10 million rubles!

Considering effective "Mr. Siyenko grip on his work directly, he has enough money is not yet on a" bash ".