CSKA Football Club in May 2016 issued another championship in the Premier League. The name of this team has long been inextricably linked with the name of its owner, a businessman of Ukrainian origin, Eugene Giner. Rumafia.com previously talked in detail about the formation of a reputable Giner, about his connections with the criminal world and the coming to CSKA. (Http://rumafia.com/ru/material/323) Now it is time to talk about how employees of the Interior Ministry see this merchant. At the command of Rumafia.com came an archive of security forces at the largest money laundering channels, their leaders and patrons. The name of Giner is also found in these documents.

So, in the extensive operative help about the activities of the largest cashiers of Russia, a large chapter is devoted to the "shadow" banker №1 Eugene Dvoskin. And one of the closest ties of Dvoskin in the document named Eugene Giner. Here is an excerpt from the report:

"According to the data (PTP) DVOSKIN has strong business relationships with a number of persons, residing in the United States, the Republic of Ukraine.

In his activities, closed on the thief in the law Ivankov V.K. ("Jap"), A.N. Malyshev aka Gonzalez, Pichug.

Keeps visiting public places, has a stable and friendly business relationship with Eugene Giner (CJSC PFC "CSKA), number of artists, etc.

Has personal accounts in Monaco (Rosfinmonitoring data) MAB "Tempbank", account number 42301810200000000993 opened 27.10.2003, "KBI Bank" account number 40817810400000000290 ".

It is worth noting that at the time of the described events Yevgeny Giner has been an unofficial co-owner of "TEMPBANK" in which the main cashier of Russia Eugene Dvoskin kept private funds. Moreover, "Tempbank" then was one of the main sponsors of CSKA.

Now let us turn to other operative reference, prepared at a time when the threat of the arrest hangs over Dvoskin again:

"Dvoskin E.V. through E.L. Giner (FC "CSKA") tried to solve their problems with the police using Pertshalava K.A., which is personally acquainted with Giner E.L.".

Konstantin Pertshalava at the time, when the reference was drawn up, was the Deputy Chief of DEB of Russian Interior Ministry, and then took the position of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs in Switzerland.

The "problem solving" of the friend and business partner Dvoskin, Giner succeeded much - the main cashier of the country avoid sending to jail then.

Things that could not be done by Russian security officials, US intelligence agencies have executed soon. In July 2008, Dvoskin was arrested by the FBI in Monaco, because he was wanted by US law enforcement agencies for a long time for fraud and other crimes. He managed to "get out" of this story and soon he appeared in Russia. Prince Albert II of Monaco has a lot of rich and powerful friends in Russia who helped "the cashier".

Immediately after the arrest of Dvoskin in Monaco, employees of the Interior Ministry made the operative reference of his other trips outside the Russian Federation. And again, the surname of Giner "surfaced".

"A trip to the city of Nice was not spontaneous, and according to the materials of "TAP" was planned by him yet to February 2008

Dvoskin/Slusker in January 2008, visited Switzerland, in September 2007 Spain, Monaco in August 2005

And in the "Friends" of E.L. Giner (CSKA Moscow) was in the delegation of official representatives from the club on the match CSKA Moscow - Liverpool on August 26, 2005 Super Bowl - UEFA. "

The large array of materials of the Interior Ministry, it follows that Dvoskin and Giner were linked not just with a friendship. It was a friendship, as Gleb Zheglov said, with an interest. Giner was one of the alleged members of the shadow the financial sector, organized by Dvoskin, which literally ruined and "devoured" Russia.

Here are the confirming excerpts from references from the archive of security forces.

"Only by one OPS of Dvoskin E.V. and Myazina I.G. in the period from April 2006 to June 10, 2008 is "burned" more than 36 lending institutions, from legal trade is derived over $ 1.5 trillion rubles."

"In April 2008, the criminal-force education went at the centralizing of the black financial system.

Representative of this conglomerate (officials, VZV, etc.) has become a repeat offender, a citizen of Ukraine Dvoskin E.V., which held a gathering of leaders of major financial OPS, where he stated the following: "Who wants to work (to "burn" the banks and to launder the money) must pay to me and to my roof, which currently is the steepest in the Russian Federation. "

Thus, a few months before the onset of adverse events, looming on the state of the Russian Federation, "conglomerate" went to the centralization of the black financial system, which can be interpreted as a change of the constitutional principles of the functioning of the financial and tax system, rather hidden constitutional coup in the system of the Russian state.

In this case if the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation failed to decentralize all these efforts (E.V. Dvoskin arrest in Monaco by the hands of the FBI), in August 2008 the government of the Russian Federation and the Russian government would face even more global problems on transfer of money from the financial system of the Russian Federation ".

Unofficial second co-owner of CSKA Moscow is considered Alexei Babakov. He is an unofficial because he held the political activities and is a member of the State Duma for many years. In the upcoming election his powers of parliamentarian, most likely, will end. In 2016, Alexander Babakov was not included in the list of participants in the primaries of United Russia, thus actually deprived of the opportunity to participate in the fall elections to the State Duma. However, already appeared information that Babakov can become a member of the Federation Council from the Tambov region.

In the archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the largest "cashiers" Babakov, in contrast to his long-term partner Giner, is mentioned not occasionally. The whole chapters are dedicated to him. Here are excerpts from one of them:

"Alexander Babakov, DOB 02/08/1963, native from Kishinev, in 1985 he graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. He is directly related to the following commercial structures: Ltd. "West-IR", OJSC MAB "Tempbank" (Head, Chairman of the Supervisory Board). He is co-owner of a number of Ukrainian energy companies: OJSC "Zhytomiroblenergo", OJSC "Sevastopolenergo", OJSC "Kirovogradoblenergo", OJSC "Khersonoblenergo", OJSC "Odessaoblenergo".

Hotels - "Premier Palace" (Kyiv), "Rus", "Oreanda" (Yalta), "Dnestr" (Lviv), "Start", "London" (Odessa), "Cosmopolit" (Kharkov), "Aeropolis", travel agency "Latina", the Foundation for the Advancement of science, education and culture "Rodina", OJSC "Waterpark in Luzhniki."

In 2002, he took part in the privatization of the Latvian SberBank - as representative of the company Mac Asyng Holding BV, registered in the Netherlands.

He had a close business relationship with a citizen M. Kurochkin (one of the leaders of organized crime groups). In Ukraine M. Kurochkin represented the interests of "Lipetsk" OPG (the main task - is the legalization of funds of this group). In 2007 Kurochkin was killed.

In 2001 Babakov was listed as one of the leaders of «VS Energy» (a subsidiary of the Slovak company «VSE») and «Iwenta SA» (canton of Zurich). In 2001-2003. He held a post of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC "CSKA".

In December 2003 he was elected as the deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation on the list of the block "Rodina".

In December 2007 he was elected, as the deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation of the "Fair Russia" party list, is the deputy chairman of the State Duma.

Previously he had a close business relationship with Berezovsky B.A., may have an Israeli citizenship. "

With such owners and friends, football club, perhaps would probably already rename to the CSCC - Central Sports Club of Cashiers.