registered "Sevenergosbyt" OOO in Sevastopol. Its founder calls USRLE Lennorovicha Eugene Giner, INN which is the same as that of the President of the professional football club (PFC) CSKA Evgeny Giner. The company will engage in the sale of electricity, according to its website.

It works from June until only accept payments from the population for electricity. Provider of the former - "Sevastopolenergo", says CEO "Sevenergosbyta" Vladislav Jakimovich in a video interview on the website of the company.

"Sevastopolenergo" owns the city of Sevastopol networks and sells electricity in the city since the days when the Crimea was part of Ukraine. The owner and provider of energy networks in the rest of the peninsula, "Krymenergo", was nationalized by the authorities of the Crimea in January 2015

"Sevastopolenergo" also in December 2014 re-registered from Sevastopol to Ukraine, and in the city opened a branch. I joined it to the same address as "Sevenergosbyt". According to Ukrainian media, "Sevastopolenergo" belongs VS Energy International, which is owned by Giner and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Babakov.

Here, one must wonder how a civil servant Babakov parallel is engaged in business, and even with foreign assets.

Ukrainian love Giner and Babakov

Vice-speaker of the State Duma from "Fair Russia" Alexander Babakov and head CSKA Moscow FC Yevgeny Giner has long and densely learn their business in Ukraine.

Controlled of VS Energy International (VSEI) will invest about $ 800 million in construction of 700 thousand sq. M. m different real estate.

Yield development projects in Kiev is 70%, in Moscow - a maximum of 30%, in addition to VSEI Ukraine successfully develops hotel chain and energy assets, explains the choice of experts Russian partners.

Ukrainian unit in Kiev VSEI build near the stadium of the National business center area of ​​180-200 sq. M. m worth $ 240-280 million.

Another major project in the Ukrainian capital was the construction of a multifunctional complex area of ​​350 thousand sq. M. m on Darnytskyi Boulevard. About VSEI plans to invest in the development business consultants are aware of the Kiev office of Jones Lang LaSalle.

European roots

VS Energy International NV, incorporated in the Netherlands, the Slovak belongs Vychodoslovenske Energeticke Zavody (controlled by Alexander Babakov, Yevgeny Giner, businessmen Mikhail Voevodin and Sergey Shapovalov).

Shares of partners and the company's financials were not disclosed. Large VSEI assets in Ukraine - OJSC "Khersonoblenergo" (94.51% of shares), OJSC "Sevastopolenergo" (95.2%), OJSC "Kirovogradoblenergo" (94%) and JSC "DSS" (75%).

Many experts have no doubt that all the profits of the business of two well-known Russians go far beyond Ukraine and, especially, Russia!

"Blooming in the city of acacias"

VS Energy of the Russian businessman Babakov has concentrated 64% of the shares "Odessaoblenergo". The largest in Ukraine, the owner of a number of energy companies VS Energy has concentrated 64.32% of power supply company "Odessaoblenergo".

This is stated in the message "Odessaoblenergo" in the information disclosure system of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market. According to the announcement, shares VS Energy International N.V. increased to 17.98% from 0.68%.

Package shares LLC "Venture capital investment projects", controlled by VS Energy, according to sources the agency UNIAN, increased to 13.32% from 0.0000048%. Package shares LLC "VS Energy International Ukraine" has decreased to 33.01% from 47.97%.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in April 2013, the shareholders' Odessaoblenergo "at the general meeting decided to increase the authorized capital of the company in 2,9 times - up to 152.124 million UAH. VS Energy company operates a number of regional power supply companies in Ukraine, in particular, "Chernovtsyoblenergo", "Khersonoblenergo", "Sevastopolenergo", "Nikolaevoblenergo", "Zakarpatieoblenergo".

And it controls the main Duma "Energy", Vice Speaker Alexander Babakov!

People's choice - corrupted and the raider?

In February 2009 Babakov became a member of a corruption scandal in Ukraine. He broke out after the news agency "New Region" published an interview with the co-owners of the company "Dusk" - Kiev businessman Mstislav Skorobogatov and his partner, Bani Nasser Abdullah.

It businessmen accused of structures close to Babakov, raider attacks in shopping centers and hotels.

Skorobogatov and Nasser presented the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine charged that those unwilling to investigate armed raider grabs. They announced that they have filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against Ukraine.

Babakov himself reported his involvement in the raider and the corruption scandals in Ukraine called a lie. According to him, the scandal "initiated some Ukrainian forces interested in discrediting the Russian politicians."

Intraparty "torn"

Earlier media reported about the financial crisis in the "Fair Russia". Some observers attributed it to the tense relations between the structures by which the merger and the party was formed.

In particular, it noted the existence of internal contradictions between Nikolai Levichev and has long been considered the main party sponsor - former leader of the "Fatherland" Alexander Babakov, in December 2007 to take the post of the State Duma Vice-Speaker, and in April 2088 became the first secretary of the Central Council of the "Fair Russia ".

However, the Babakov denied this information, saying that there is no conflict and the problem of "not so important to them made sense to talk to the media."

"Tell me who and I will tell your friend, who you are?"

Equally amusing activities longtime companion Babakov Yevgeny Giner.

That only is the "muddy" scheme "of board owned by businessman FC CSKA.

According Bluecastle reporting company, and hence CSKA two owners: the Dutch company Macasyng Holding and Luxembourg Era Intermedia. They own 50% of shares Bluecastle. In Macasyng reports said that the company has no employees and its key activities - ownership of securities portfolio.

Management Company is a company Macasyng Beheersmaatschappij Larix, which is included in the Vistra group provides a variety of corporate services: company registration, offshore, management, trusts, etc...

Beneficiaries of Luxembourg Era Intermedia also remain in the shade, but in the official gazette of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg reported that in December 2009 the administrator of the company became Vadim Giner, son of the president of CSKA.

You can review the list of companies under "common control", listed in Bluecastle statements.

It has been referred to the Luxembourg Sensei International (the largest creditor) in December 2009, its director was still the same Vadim Giner. Until June 2008 Sensei International owned by the British company Witherron Ventures Limited.

Sensei also referred to as a related party in the accounts of another British firm, Goldwing Capital Limited (the paper also featured former creditors Bluecastle - Bedale Limited and Constantina Limited).

In turn, Witherron Ventures and Goldwing Capital were shareholders VS Energy International Dutch holding.

This holding company and companies associated with him hold substantial assets in Ukraine: power ( "Sevastopolenergo", "Odessaoblenergo", "Khersonoblenergo" and others.), Hotels (network "Premier Hotels"), finance (First Investment Bank), transport, agriculture agriculture, real estate, land.

As the saying goes full circle! Football Money Giner CSKA, according to independent observers, "laundered" in the same Ukraine and in Europe!

Security forces, if they wish, can find fault with the "business" Giner. But that's still not official, and businessman. Much more interesting would be to do a long-time partner ginerovskim Babakov!

Only one parallel business of the State Duma deputy (even if you do not dig into the legality of his methods) - a good reason for the deprivation of the vice-speaker of the deputy mandate!