The biggest lot of cocaine, arrived in St. Petersburg, was hidden in bananas of the company JFC by Vladimir Kekhman. A week after the incident, the company explained that the container with bananas had been broken on its way .

Three bags of cocaine, a total mass of almost 120 kg, were found on the ship arrived in St. Petersburg on May 26. The bags were hidden in a container of bananas. According to the North-West Customs Administration, such a large lot of drugs came to St. Petersburg for the first time. Given the evidence, a criminal case on smuggling was prosecuted.

One and half weeks later, the St. Petersburg company JFC, which is basicly owned by Vladimir Kekhman, confirmed the bananas belonged to it. However, the container and the container carrier owned by MSC, JFC noted.

"Under the contract between the group JFC and company MSC, Ecuadorian branch of JFC loads the fruit into containers at the port of Guayaquil and then the sealed containers are transferred to the carrier", JFC stated.

However, when the container arrived in St. Petersburg, it was found out that the seal number on it was different from that claimed in the documents, indicating unauthorized opening of the container during transportation, JFC claimed.

The company also asserts providing "all possible assistance to Russian and international law enforcement agencies engaged in investigating this incident."

Reference: MSC - the world's leading operator of container transportation. At the end of May 2010 before the company owned 405 container ships capable of carrying 1,640,000 standard containers TEU. The company's headquarters is in Geneva.